The departure of number two from Serrano shakes Correos days after the strike called by the CC.OO. and UGT

bruno perezMadrid Updated: 06/15/2022 02:39h

Avelino Castro, Director of Strategy of the Correos Group, right-hand man of President Juan Manuel Serrano and according to different sources from the company, the main brain behind the controversial strategic shift that aims to convert the public postal operator into a logistics giant, has decided to leave his responsibilities in the state-owned company, sources from the postal operator have confirmed to ABC.

The departure of what until now was considered number two in the management structure of the postal company, which according to sources from the Correos Group responds to strictly personal reasons –his retirement–, has come to shake the State postal company scarcely
days after the three days of strike
summoned by the majority unions in the company, CC.OO.

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