November 27, 2020

The Department of Justice ugly to the judge “lack of rigor” for involving her in a contract with David Madí that was not carried out

Unusual statement to deny a judicial resolution and an investigation by the Civil Guard. The Ministry of Justice of the Generalitat has disfigured “lack of rigor” to the Civil Guard and Judge Joaquín Aguirre, who this Wednesday ordered the operation against businessmen and senior government officials for their alleged relationship with corrupt activities and Democratic Tsunami, for involving department in the contracts that former Convergència politician David Madí would have obtained through influence peddling with senior officials of the Generalitat.

Justice thus becomes the first department of the Generalitat that comes out to deny the alleged fraudulent concessions investigated by the judge to the businessmen David Madí and Xavier Vendrell, related to JxCat and ERC, in relation to emergency contracts caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Specifically, the judge, based on the reports of the Civil Guard, indicates that “David Madí has ​​obtained contracts with prisons, dependent on the Secretariat of Criminal Measures, Reintegration and Attention to the Victim of the Department of Justice” since for the Investigators “everything seems to indicate that the intention is to obtain privileged information that allows them to win the award.” That is why the judge believes that Madí achieved “an initial coronavirus detection contract with prisons” for his company, Aigües de Catalunya.

However, the council led by the Republican Ester Capella denies the majority and explains that no contract was signed with the Madí company nor is there a bidding process underway. “The Department of Justice draws attention to the lack of rigor of the car, with errors that any citizen can contrast with an Internet connection,” adds the statement from the Ministry.

According to Justice, Madí’s company offered a service to analyze the wastewater from prisons for the detection of narcotic substances and the Covid-19 virus, through sample collectors installed in various sectors and came to present a budget after a meeting with officials from the Ministry, but finally the department ruled out the hiring of the service and allocated the expense “to other urgent measures related to COVID-19.”

The judge intends to find out if Madí and Vendrell have achieved “economic profits derived from influence peddling” with senior officials of the Generalitat, even to “obtain emergency contracts” related to the health crisis. Apart from the Ministry of Justice, the car mentions the departments of Health and Social Affairs, which for the moment have not issued a denial.


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