August 3, 2021

The denunciation by abuses marks the visit of Nicolas Cage to Sitges | Culture

The denunciation by abuses marks the visit of Nicolas Cage to Sitges | Culture

This Sitges festival will be remembered as that of Nicolas Cage. Few visits in the history of the contest have caused so much expectation (would have to go back to Tony Curtis in 2000 or Quentin Tarantino in 2005) as the American actor, whose last days have also been muddied by a complaint of sexual abuse last September . And the Oscar winner for Leaving Las Vegas He has responded in a press conference about it: "I have already made a statement about this matter and I have no more to add." But he breathed and continued: "There was nothing of this, just to make it clear."

The plaintiff is Vickie Park, who claims to have left intermittently and since June 2017 with the star. According to Park, on September 20, 15 days ago, the actor abused her during the Slash Film Festival in Vienna. The accusation unveiled it The Blast, that showed access to court documents. Park says in those documents that when the abuse occurred Nicolas Cage, 54, "was deeply drunk." In addition, the ex-girlfriend has requested a restraining order against Cage's ex-wife, Alice Kim, with whom the actor was married between July 2005 and June 2016 and with whom he has a son, Kal-El Cage, 13 years old. Park asked the court for that order because, according to his version, Kim has persecuted and harassed her on social networks.

On the other hand, a representative of Cage responded that "Nicolas and Alice categorically deny Park's absurd accusations, and for that reason their claim has been rejected." Indeed, the request for a restraining order has been denied by the court until there is a first hearing at the end of this month of October.

And while Cage continues to promote. In Sitges he receives one of the Honorary Grand Prize of this edition, presents his latest film, Mandy (which is no longer the last because of its tremendous rate of filming), and keeps traveling companions to his ex-wife and his son, who have also accompanied him in the contest. Mandy -One of the revelations of the past Cannes- is a designed trip to hell, in which a woodcutter comes, in the mid-eighties, a Christian sect that has burned and killed his wife (an outstanding Andrea Riseborough). He directs Panos Cosmatos, the son of George Pan, with great style, who leaves Cage a carte blanche for one of his outrageous performances that his fans like so much and that has motivated him to have a film festival about his work, which is celebrated annually in Austin (Texas), for five years.

"I became an actor for James Dean, and I will never retire, I want to act if it is possible eternally"

"Yes, I enjoy those so cathartic interpretations, that come from dreams, that are very emotional, "he told the press in the Catalan city." I would say that they are very enjoyable, although I do not know if they are funny. One of the best things about Mandy It is your sense of humor. Even though this character dives in brutal pain after the murder of his wife, there are moments of laughter. "And he exemplified it by explaining with gestures and voice games a sequence in which someone stabs the protagonist, who responds that he has loaded his "favorite shirt". Mandy premieres in Spain on November 2.

Huge rings, intimidating hairstyle

Cage has liked to explain that his works drink from German expressionism. "My father had an incredible collection of films, and we actually saw them together Nosferatu, Metropolis, Doctor Caligari's office … When they entered my body they did not abandon me. "And he explained how in Moon spell use Metropolis as a reference for your work. But he became an actor for another idol: "I discovered James Dean in East of Eden and I decided that I wanted to be like him. "The actor explained how he likes to work:" The scripts have to be vehicles that make me collaborate to create these increasingly abstract interpretations. I feel fortunate to have worked with directors who sculpted me. "That is why he stressed that what he was retiring from was a sentence taken out of context:" I want to act if it is possible eternally, and yes, also direct ".

Nicolas Cage – born as Nicolas Kim Coppola (Long Beach, California, 1964) – appeared thin, in a tight suit, huge rings on his fingers, with his always intimidating hairstyle-you never know how much is real and how much of a prosthetist- and beard held in chestnut, and pale complexion. Calm and smiling (he took between giggles the comparison of a duel with chainsaws in Mandy and the famous laser sword fight of Star Wars), He did not shy away from any question. Like when they questioned him about the impact of social networks on today's cinema: "I wanted to be James Dean, but it was another era, now everyone can be famous for anything on social networks or reality TV, but on the way You are losing sincerity in interpretation, You do your work, you express your art, and then you will be famous or not. " Although he recognized that the fact that his facial expressions are protagonists of memes Y gifts can help "younger generations get interested in the movie after seeing these jokes."

Finally, back to work he explained that last year he broke his leg, so he almost did not make the film: "I was in a wheelchair for three months, when I got up, I walked even better because anger had transformed me. That anger made the character leave me alone, the euphoria of being able to move was transferred to the role, I did not have to act, just feel free. " And that said he kept signing autographs and taking pictures. For that is something more than a star, is Nicolas Cage.


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