July 29, 2021

"The demonstrations in Catalonia are like pilgrimages"

Ironically, shrewdly, cervantist, but not Cervantine, Francisco Rico, who tomorrow will present the complete works of Cervantes at the Congress of the Asale in Seville and declare himself, by this order, philologist and petrarchist, said yesterday the situation in Catalonia. “Catalan independence movement is absurd nonsense. I do not even think that the independentistas are independentistas. What they want is to say it, but I think what they want is to have the right to have it, but not to practice it. This has always been seen. Now they proclaim the republic and then take those of Villadiego. If there really was a chance to vote for real, it would be a defeat of very large independence. ”

Francisco Rico, who is going to present the edition of “El Quijote” closest to what the author wanted, commented that the movement for independence in Catalonia what he wants “is the great demonstrations, which are like pilgrimages, where people jump and disguises It's like dew. They wait for grace. But most of them neither do nor come. Some expect the Virgin to grant them Grace and Grace, but the independendists do not believe in it and do not know how to do it. Everything has been in a nonsense of symbolic gestures, yellow ties and pilgrimages ”.

Francisco Rico, who has completed a monumental work on Cervantes that is a reference in Europe, which includes maps, itineraries, annotations and “where you can read what a shipyard is,” he joked, said that “just“ Don Quixote ”is the National Book of Catalonia, because nowhere else has Cervantes and his work been praised more; Nowhere have you published more editions about your titles or have so many libraries dedicated to “El Qujiote”. So when you have ever told me that "Tirant lo Blanc", of which Cervantes himself says that it is the best book in the world, it should be noted that this work was published only once in Catalonia and is not a book that has entered into Catalan consciousness. Instead, "Don Quixote," yes. And it should be stressed that most of Catalan culture is common throughout Spain. ”

And more now that Francisco Rico, after years of work, will deliver an unparalleled edition with the previous ones, as he warns: “The main thing is the text, which we have approached the author's will. There is no comparison between all of the above and what we have achieved now. ” Concludes in advance form.

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