The demanding and tough Marathon des Sables 2019 starts with possibilities for the Spanish

The demanding and tough Marathon des Sables 2019 starts with possibilities for the Spanish

In case you do not hear them Marathón des Sables it is a mythical and legendary race, hard and demanding, a duration of 7 days with 6 stages totaling 250 km, led since 1986 by its founder Patrick BAUER. It is an ultra trail by stages, in almost total self-sufficiency and crosses a desert like the Sahara, arid and stony. The palmares of the race are dominated with an iron hand by the Moroccan athletes, who feel the pressure and the pride of running at home.

A mythical endurance race, the Marathon des Sables will take place from April 5 to 15 in the Moroccan desert. A true adventure of modern times, from a hundred participants in its first editions to more than 1,000 runners this year, Marathon des Sables has grown but keeps its spirit intact, which its founder, Patrick Bauer, gave him 35 years ago, when faced with the challenge of running about 350 kilometers, alone, in the middle of the Moroccan desert. 12 days later, back home in the Troyes region of France, this man deeply in love with Morocco wanted to share his passion with as many people as possible.

In this environment, hostile but also sublime, man confronts himself, his certainties, but also his doubts. Under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, this 34th edition of the Marathon of Sables will gather, this year, a thousand athletes who will have to walk about 250 km, for seven days, in food self-sufficiency. Through dunes, djebels, ergs and dry lakes. During the week, the organization will only provide water and a traditional Berber tent for groups of eight competitors.

A lot of sand and a lot of heat. However, the meteorology of recent days has proved to be capricious in the area where the 34th MDS will take place, with wind and rain. If these lower temperatures persist, it would be good news for runners: the risk of heat stroke and dehydration would be lower … "However, we run the risk of treating more colds," argued DocTrotters. , formed by 52 people, is dedicated to taking care of all the participants so that they can reach the end of the race.

Spaniards in Marathon des Sables 2019; more than 50 runners

Among the more than 50 Spaniards in the race, sports pressure is focused on the great team of formed by Ragna Debats, Alex Fraguela and Albert Gine who aspire fighting together to step on the podium for men, women and teams. A major challenge, because in 34 editions, only once has a Spanish winner here, Mónica Aguilera.

Each year, women are ahead of men in the percentage of finalists of the event. More than 200 women start at this finish line, including the Moroccan Aziza Raji, who returns to the Marathon Des Sables. In the 34th edition highlights the Spanish participation, with athletes of the highest level as the Dutch based in Spain Ragna Debats, world champion ultratrail and skyrunning in 2018; the experienced mountain runner Mònica Guilera Sala; Álex Fraguela, the best Spanish in the MDS of 2018 with the 7th position; Òscar Comabasosa, veteran who will participate for the 10th time in this self-sufficiency competition; Ricardo Abad, who has completed 100 Ironman in a year or Albert Giné who was the 15th classified in 2012 and returns with great desire to the desert.

Basic information about MARATHON DES SABLES

· 34th edition.

· Moroccan Sahara, Ouarzazate region.

· Ultra trail in the desert, in conditions of food self-sufficiency.

· 6 stages, approximately 250 km in total.

· More than 20,000 participants since 1986.

· Nearly 1,000 riders participate in 2019.

· Participants will arrive in Morocco on April 5.

· The race begins on April 7.

The calendar

· April 5: The participants arrive in Morocco, they move to the bivouac.

· April 6: Inspection day.

· 7, 8 and 9 of April: First, second and third stages.

· April 10 and 11: The long stage (fourth stage).

· April 12: Marathon stage, last competitive stage.

· April 13: MARATHON DES SABLES Solidarity Stage, timed and mandatory.

· April 14: Award ceremony and free day.

· April 15: Participants return to their countries of origin.


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