February 26, 2021

The Delta Acuridas show, better since the Summit – La Provincia

With the arrival of the show of the meteor shower 'Delta Acuaridas' the sky will be filled with bright steles and will be enjoyed more in the Canary Islands – because of the situation and position where it is located – than in other parts of the world. The phenomenon It has been visible during these last days and until mid-August, as long as it is observed from a point with little artificial lighting and the skies are clear, they can continue to be seen light trails in the sky.

This meteor shower could already be seen for a few days in both the northern and southern hemispheres, but it is from today when it reaches its peak. It is estimated that they can be seen up to 25 meteorites per hour. The astronomical phenomenon will remain until August 13, although it will coincide with new Moon and can be enjoyed to a lesser extent.

Between the 00:00 and 03:00 hours in the morning This Wednesday will be the best time to observe the 'Delta Aquarids'. The waning moon will provide less light and a better view of the sky, so conditions will be optimal in those three hours of the night.

To find them, if we are in the North Hemispherewe shall look south in front of the constellation Aquarius. At southern hemisphere, where they will be better appreciated, Aquarius can be found looking up.

Photograph the Delta Aquarids

To take good snapshots, it is recommended to follow the Rule 500, consisting of divide said number by the length in millimeters of the slow one, which will result in the number of seconds that the shutter can be kept open. Further, the focus point should be located towards the constellation of Aquarius. Also, the tripod will be of great help since it reduces camera shake since The mere fact of pressing the shutter can blur the image.


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