The delivery of aid to those affected by the La Palma volcano accelerates

The delivery of aid to those affected by La Palma volcano it is speeding up. Administrations are moving to help people who have seen their lives cut short by the appearance of the volcano. In this sense, the Cabildo palmero has delivered donations to a thousand families while keeping the belongings of more than 250 homes affected by the volcano in a safe place. You have also paid a aid of 80,000 euros to farmers who have been displaced and has opened the term for the university, vocational or postgraduate students They can ask for help to compensate the damage that the volcano may have caused them.

Thousands have already received the donations that have come from all the Islands and the Peninsula. For this reason, the president of the Cabildo de La Palma, Mariano zapata, has thanked the enormous effort, involvement and responsibility of each and every one of the hundreds of workers and volunteers who have actively collaborated in the management of the ships enabled to receive the donations destined for those affected by the volcano, as well as the belongings of the affected families.

At the same time, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Cabildo de La Palma has paid the emergency aid that it activated in an extraordinary way to collaborate with the livestock farms that have been affected by the volcanic eruption and have been forced to move . The insular head of the primary sector, Manuel Gonzalez, specified these aids amounting to a total of 80,000 euros and have been articulated by the department headed by the Cabildo Palmero to help alleviate the effects on the sector. “These are initial aid that try to collaborate with the ranchers whose activity has been seriously damaged by the volcano,” said the counselor, who adds that this contribution from the Insular Corporation will be joined by those that the Government of the Canary Islands plans to deliver soon. .

To this financial support is added the one that will be carried out for students who have lost their home or property due to the volcano. From today until December 17, interested persons may request these grants until next December 17. The head of Social Action, Nieves Hernández, and the Minister of Education, Susana machin, respectively, they highlighted the work that is being carried out by the island corporation to respond to the needs of the people in the situation caused by the eruption of the volcano.

And while the aid is being managed, work is already under way on the future recovery of the area. Thus Mariano Zapata has been working together with the insular councilor for Land Management, Gonzalo Pascual and the councilor for Ecological Transition, Fight against Climate Change and Territorial Planning of the Government of the Canary Islands, Jose Antonio Valbuena, to advance in territorial planning, which, as Zapata explained, “is essential to be able to start working once the emergency is over and it is possible to carry out actions on the ground.”

«We are leading the reorganization of the plots to give people opportunities to build their homes, businesses and companies, which is a need to which we must give a consensual response from the administrations and, of course, society, especially those affected for the volcano, “explained the island president.


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