Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The delegate of the RCD Espanyol José María Calzón puts his position at the disposal of the club

El delegado del Espanyol pone su cargo a disposición del club tras los incidentes de Montilivi

When the coach of Spanish he arrived at the stadium Montilivi and the players and the coaching team descended, a crowd of fans of the Girona they were received in a hostile way and José María Calzón he expressed himself racist against Muhammed Sanneh, who was among those present.

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Five days later, the delegate, who has been in the same position for 40 years and is the oldest delegate of the League, has published a letter in which he admits his mistake, he regrets and, at the same time, places his position at the disposal of the club because "it is the best for the entity to which I have served with all my enthusiasm and professionalism" for four decades

Here the complete letter:

Through this writing I want to publicly announce that I have placed my position, as a delegate of the first team, at the disposal of our Board of Directors and so I have communicated in writing.

I believe that, at this moment, it is the best thing for the entity to which I have served with all my enthusiasm and professionalism during the last 40 years. I can not hide my disappointment at the events that took place before Saturday's match at the Montilivi stadium that bother me extraordinarily and that contaminate my four decades of work in a club as relevant and historical as the RCD Espanyol. It saddens me greatly what happened and never, never, never could have imagined that something like this would happen to me and I would fall into such a mistake.

I went to apologize to the offended person, but neither then nor in the repeated subsequent attempts, I had an answer "

Go ahead that I was wrong with my action, I'm sorry and that I assume to place my position at the disposal of the Board of Directors of the RCD Espanyol de Barcelona, ​​but I would also like to be able to explain that that same morning, at the end of the match, I went to apologize to the offended person, but neither then nor in the repeated subsequent attempts, either individually or through the efforts that the club has made, I have had an answer. I insist that I was wrong and I deeply regret it. It is the the first time in these 40 years that I have lost my composure and I have answered the insults we received as soon as we got off the team's coach, but it is also the first time, in all these years, that I have noticed a 'welcome' so voluntarily tense, hostile and offensive of the local fans.

I have to admit that during the last months I have lived a very hard personal and family situation that has affected me very deeply. In spite of everything, I have continued to work daily but I have been delegating my duties to other people in the club, so since the beginning of the season I have not acted as a delegate of the first team on the move. In that sense, I point out that I went to Montilivi as an employee of the club and I occupied the place that was assigned to me in the presidential box.

I have never had racist behaviors "

I would like to make it very clear, also, that I have never had racist behavior. Nothing is further from reality. I have treated with respect and education in these 40 years players, coaches, referees and people of all nationalities, origins or religions. I consider myself fortunate to have lived with soccer players like N'Kono, Kameni, Eto'o, Caicedo, Diop, Bikey, Wakaso, Feddal, Hadji and many others who have confessed their affection and those whom I continue to admire and keep a friendship that neither distance nor years have been able to break.

I believe that I do not have to add anything else and that, for my fortune, only those who really know me can judge and value my entire personal and professional career. I never wanted to be the center of attention for anything, much less for such an unfortunate episode.

A hug and Visca l'Espanyol !!!

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