The delay in the tender for the Maternal tower worries families

Virtual reconstruction of the Canarian Maternal and Child University Hospital with the new building on the right, in the white building.  |  |  LP / DLP

Virtual reconstruction of the Canarias Maternal and Child University Hospital with the new building on the right, in the white building. | | LP / DLP

The delay in the construction of the eight-story tower for pediatric specialties at the Hospital Universitario Materno Infantil de Canarias worries specialists and the families of affected minors. However, as indicated yesterday by the managing director of the Insular-Maternal-Infant University Hospital Complex (Chuimi), María Alejandra Torres, the forecasts “have not changed” and the work will go out to tender in the first months of this year. “We have delivered the project and it is now in the supervision phase by the Complex Engineering Services Sub-Directorate. The deadline to finalize the review is March 15, but we hope to anticipate and present it in the course of next week because the process is long, ”Torres guaranteed.

It must be remembered that this project already has years of experience. Its wording was awarded in December 2018, through a public tender, with a bidding fee of 443,300 euros, and it is divided into two parts. The first includes architecture, while the second, which was delivered last November, collects the facilities that the new structure should have.

It should be noted that in May 2019 it was expected that the building could go out to tender in July of that same year, but the changes produced in the Regional Executive Department of Health, as a result of the holding of the regional elections, added to the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, have delayed the delay. “There have been unexpected complications, but in the coming months we will be able to move forward,” stressed the doctor.

The truth is that the person in charge of the complex had promised to meet with the patient associations – which created a monitoring commission – to inform them of the progress made before the end of 2020. And the project is the result of a demand for care, so that the heads of the services involved and different groups have participated in its preparation. However, as indicated by the managing director, the meeting could not take place due to the epidemiological situation on the island. “The alert levels have had an influence and I would have liked to call a face-to-face meeting to show you the infographics, but not to delay plus the appointment, I plan to hold it by videoconference in two weeks, ”Torres said.

For his part, Dr. Carlos Lodos, a specialist in Maternal Oncohematology, considers that the construction of this tower is already an “emergency” for the complex and cannot be delayed any longer. “Three years have passed and it has not yet been tendered, which is causing a lot of concern in families. This expansion should be considered a priority issue and, from my point of view, it is not fair that there is no clear information on the start of the works, “lamented the health professional, who has also been one of the main drivers of this project .

Based on his words, many of the center’s facilities are already obsolete and deteriorated, so it is essential to have a better equipped infrastructure. “The rooms must be well designed and isolated so that minors and their families have privacy. It must be taken into account that many 14-year-old adolescents spend many weeks in hospital and, at present, share a room with small children “, the specialist valued, to later highlight the importance of renewing resources in order to provide” better care to the sick ”.

The Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) will invest 30 million euros in this new tower for pediatric specialties, which will have six heights and two levels below ground level, and will allow the Maternal to grow by more than 13,000 square meters. As has already been announced, it will be located at the southern end of the plot, where right now there is a structure that occupies the maintenance service. Thanks to this construction, different units can be created that will optimize the quality of Canarian healthcare.


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