Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The defense of Carlos Ghosn affirms that they will use "firmly" his fourth arrest for new charges

The defense of Carlos Ghosn affirms that they will use "firmly" his fourth arrest for new charges


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The legal defense of former president of Nissan Motor and Renault Carlos Ghosn has announced that "Will appeal firmly" before his new arrest on additional chargess, with the aim of achieving their release "as soon as possible". The former executive was arrested early Thursday and transferred to Kosuge neighborhood correctional where he spent more than three months in detention.

The head of the legal team of lawyers of Ghosn, Junichiro Hironaka, has tacahado this Thursday of "Highly unusual" the new detention of the former director, the fourth since he was arrested for the first time last November, and that occurred early in the day while he was on probation.

The former president of Nissan and Renault "clearly denies all the accusations," Hironaka said at a press conference held in Tokyo, where he also pointed out that the new detention is a prosecution strategy for «Press Ghosn and keep it under control, and to prevent him from speaking publicly ».

Hironaka has added that the additional charges filed against Ghosn "They are not new, but are related" to the crimes they are already accused of (to hide from the millionaire authorities compensations agreed with Nissan Motor and abuse the confidence of the company to use its funds to cover personal financial losses).

The detention this Thursday would be related to a new indictment for aggravated abuse of trust, linked to the transfer of funds by the presidency of Nissan and Renault, of which Ghosn was the owner, to a distributor based in Oman.

«Outrageous and arbitrary»

Hironaka also stressed that «It has already been shown in court» that there is no risk of the executive's escape or destruction of possible evidence, in reference to the decision taken by the competent judicial authority to grant him bail on March 6.

«Re-arresting someone who is released on bail is very unusual, almost unheard of », Hironaka stressed that he also criticized the authorities seizing Ghosn documents with which he prepared his next trial, which "undermines his right to a fair defense."

In a statement released by his legal team after the arrest, Ghosn called "Outrageous and arbitrary" the new arrest, which he described as "another attempt" by some Nissan individuals to silence him "and confuse prosecutors."

Ghosn's new arrest comes a day after the appearance of a Twitter account in his name announcing that April 11 would give his first press conference since the case was lifted «Tell the truth about what is happening».


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