The deductions that you can not miss if you have children in the 2019-2020 income statement




The 2019-2020 Income campaign started on April 1 both through the Renta Web program and the mobile application of the Tax Agency. In this campaign, the Agency plans to receive 21 million declarations, of which 14.6 million will be returned for a total of 10,686 million euros, amounts that will begin to be disbursed on June 3. Another 5.5 million returns will result, for a total of 12,798 million. To make the most of the statement, we break down the most important family deductions:

Minimum for descendants

The minimum taxpayer will be, in general, 5,550 euros per year. To this amount are added 2,400 euros for the first descendant, 2,700 euros for the second, 4,000 euros for the third and 4,500 euros for the fourth and subsequent offspring. These minimum amounts rise by 2,800 euros when the child is less than three years old.

Families with three or more children

Large families have a tax aid of 1,200 euros per year or 2,400 euros if they are large families of a special category that can be paid in advance or when making the declaration. Last year, an increase in the deduction for a large family of 600 euros was introduced (from the fourth or sixth child). There is also another deduction of 1,200 euros per year for each descendant with a disability.

Maternity and paternity benefits

Maternity and paternity benefits have been exempt from personal income tax since 2018. Taxpayers who were fathers and mothers in 2019 should not carry out any particular procedure, just check that these returns are not included in the Income statement.

Maternity and daycare deduction

The maternity deduction for mothers of children under the age of three who are self-employed or employed amounts to 1,200 euros per year, which can also be paid in advance through 100 euros per month. This tax benefit can be extended by up to 1,000 euros per year when they have been disbursed during installments in nurseries or in early childhood education centers authorized by the autonomous communities.

Regional deductions

It is worth reviewing the regional deductions since there are many dedicated to families with children. For example, in the Community of Madrid a deduction of 600 euros is included for three years for each child born or adopted as of January 1, 2018. Also in Madrid there is an extension of the deduction for school expenses for parents on children from 0 to 3 years old enrolled in nursery schools.


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