Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

The decree on electrical self-consumption will be approved on Friday

The decree on electrical self-consumption will be approved on Friday

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The Council of Ministers will approve next Friday the decree on electrical self-consumption, according to ABC sources in the sector.

The draft prepared by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition two months ago differentiated between an individual installation (having a solar installation while being connected to the conventional electricity network) and another collective. In the case where the first installation creates surplus energy, compensation can be accepted when the facilities are less than 100 kW and have a renewable origin.

In the case of a community of neighbors, the facilities must be connected with the same wiring, in low voltage and at a distance between them less than 500 meters. Also, they are located in the same cadastral reference.

Compensation for surplus electricity will be made with the reference marketer if the contract is with one of them (Endesa, Iberdrola, Naturgy, etc ...). The price of the poured energy will be valued at the hourly market price minus the marketing costs. If the contract is with a free trader, the price of the energy put into the network will be agreed between the parties.

It must be emphasized that these compensations will be reflected in the corresponding invoices, not being able to compensate in subsequent invoices.

Those who have individual self-consumption, They must have a bidirectional counter. If the installation is collective, you will need a measuring device to record the net generation.

By last, are exempt from requesting the access and connection permits for installations below 15 kW power generation (the vast majority of facilities in housing), urbanized land, and self-consumption without surplus.


Alliance for Self-consumption, formed by more than 40 social, environmental, business and union organizations, presented various allegations to the draft because although it considers that the proposal published by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition "is a step forward, a series of necessary improvements have been identified so that self-consumption has an optimal regulatory framework ».

The allegations "deepen the need for avoid barriers that put a brake on the development of self-consumption in our country and they affect changes in the text that propitiate that its shared and proximity modality is designed in a really effective way ».


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