The decree of the VTC already accumulates 8,000 claims

The decree of the VTC already accumulates 8,000 claims

Nearly 8,000 owners of licenses for rental vehicles with driver (VTC) have already filed a claim with the General Directorate of Transport for the royal decree law passed in September that will facilitate the elimination of licenses within four years, according to Unauto, the employer's association which represents 90% of the VTC sector in Spain. The reform, with which the Ministry of Development tried to end the conflict with the taxi sector, established a three-month deadline to complain if the owners of the VTC considered that the four-year moratorium that was set is insufficient to amortize the licenses. This deadline ends next Monday, December 31 and, by that date, Unauto estimates that 12,000 applications will be reached.

The organization has made its legal services available to all its associates "so that there is no unclaimed VTC," explained yesterday the president of Unauto, Eduardo Martín. The resolution of the General Directorate of Transport, which will arrive in six months, will put an end to the possibility of filing an administrative complaint. Even so, Martín does not rule out contentious-administrative appeals and, if necessary, before the Supreme Court or the Constitutional Court. However, Fomento ensures that the decree law is "legally protected".

The decree, which is currently in the phase of amendments, is being processed as a bill mainly because of the lack of parliamentary support, but also because of the concern of the autonomous communities for the possibility of having to pay millions in compensation. The cost of removing licenses would amount to 3,800 million euros, according to EY calculations. For Development, the licenses of vehicles such as Uber and Cabify "are neither suppressed nor expropriated, they only change their conditions and continue existing to provide interurban service or to apply for new urban licenses".

In any case, the text states that if compensation is finally recognized, it will not be paid in the form of financial compensation, but in time. That is, a maximum of two additional years would be granted to pay for the license. However, Fomento considers that the four-year moratorium recognized by law is "sufficient to amortize the licenses".

In 2022, the more than 12,800 VTC licenses that currently exist will no longer be able to carry out urban transport, their main business. However, municipalities that want to, may continue to have their service, but must set a limit with the granting of a new urban license.


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