Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

The decree of the rent remains in the air before the pulse of the PNV

The decree of the rent remains in the air before the pulse of the PNV

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The pulse stays until the end. The necessary support of the PNV for the Government to validate the decrees approved in its "social Fridays" is only guaranteed for the norms that correspond to the Ministry of Labor and the Brexit. That is, the extension of five to eight weeks of the paternity leave and the extension from 55 to 52 years of the subsidy of 420 euros for the long-term unemployed will be validated. In addition, although labeled "clearly insufficient", the Basque nationalist group will also support the package of measures to alleviate the effects of a Brexit without agreement. In suspense, therefore, the decree regulating the rental market, which has already been affected by three regulations in the last three months, as well as the port stowage and the destination of the surplus of the autonomous communities and local entities.

In statements to the media at the entrance to the Permanent Deputation, Aitor Esteban, spokesman of the PNV has made clear that his group will maintain the tension until the end: "The decrees of Work have support of PNV, the others already we will see, it will be necessary to wait for the moment of the voting". In addition, Esteban has shown his discomfort by the way in which the Government is trying to take forward these decrees: "We are upset. It is not acceptable to make decree laws in this period when they could have been presented previously. And it is less than receipt that is done without consulting the rest of the parliamentary groups. This is a yes or no process and it is very difficult to agree on all the subjects ». Regarding the possibility of processing the rule as a bill, Esteban have been against: "Here the amendments are not worth, no foot or head discuss in the middle of the campaign. This could become a competition and legislation in a churro»

After the pulse of the PNV hides its claim to La Moncloa to complete the transfer of seven powers before April 28: those concerning the transport of commuter and FEVE, technological innovation, studies of public works, pharmaceutical products, school insurance, retirement aid for employees affected by EREs and traveling schools. "The Spanish Government assumed some commitments and if you had time to present these decrees you could have also presented them. We hope there is an attitude of commitment, "Esteban warned.

The Basque group has in its power to tilt the result in one way or another since the Permanent Deputation has 65 members of which the PSOE and its investiture partners add 33, compared to 32 of the PP and its allies. In those 33 votes of the block of lefts the seat of the PNV is included. Therefore, if this group decides not to grant its support to the PSOE, the Government would need to collect the "yes" from some group of the right-wing in order to validate the texts. The Permanent Deputation, the body that replaces the Congress of Deputies when the chamber is dissolved, is currently debating six decrees: the one concerning Brexit, equal opportunities in employment; fight against job insecurity; measures related to housing and rent; regulation of temporary work agencies for their adaptation to the port stowage activity, and destination of the surplus of the autonomous communities and local entities


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