The decree of paternity will continue its processing when doubts about its legality are cleared


False alarm. The new decree-law that will expand paternity leave will continue its processing in the Congress of Deputies after this morning the Bureau of the Permanent Deputation has ratified its constitutionality and rejected the doubts expressed yesterday by Citizens.

The decision was based on the report prepared by the legal services of the lower house - requested yesterday by the orange formation and supported by the PP - which rejected in a frontal manner the arguments of unconstitutionality of the group presided by Albert Rivera. The lawyers state that the decree-law does not intend to modify any aspect of the organic matter included in the Law of Equality but part of its ordinary content and, consequently, the text is constitutional.

The new decree-law will be elevated to the Permanent Deputation that will be in charge of validating or repealing it. There is still no date for the meeting of this body but necessarily It will have to be celebrated before next April 6, when the term for validation expires.

The representative of Cs in the Bureau of the Permanent Deputation, Ignacio Prendes, has admitted that the doubts that exposed yesterday have been cleared and has ruled the accusations of partisan use of the Congress launched from PSOE and Podemos. "The request for a legal report is not a dilatory maneuver is to advance legal security," he defended at the end of the meeting.

For the spokesman for Citizens in Congress, Juan Carlos Girauta, "beyond which we can legally traffic, we protest politically and strongly reject the partisan use of public money made by the Government and the trampling of legstaging power."

The Secretary General of the Socialist Group, Rafael Simancas, has not seen it that way. has demanded that he apologize to the "thousands of citizens" to those who, he assures, provoked anxiety by casting doubt on the constitutionality of the decree-law. Although the PNV has not yet confirmed its support for the rent decree, Simancas was "confident" that they will finally endorse all government decrees.

Prendes, nevertheless, has not wanted to advance if his group will support or not the validation of this decree-law. "When we arrive at the Permanent Deputation we will fix our position," he has merely said.

From Podemos, Gloria Elizo has accused Cs of pretending to "make noise" about the new decree-law and has celebrated that it can continue its processing.

Girauta has responded accusing the president of the Executive, Pedro Sanchez, of using the Congress as "backyard of the Government where he is dedicated to make his own election campaign with public money" and has considered "truly alarming" that the Council of Ministers continues to approve decrees with the Cortes dissolved. to


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