October 28, 2020

The decommissioning of the park that sank in Nueva Montaña (Santander) begins

The decommissioning of the Nueva Montaña area (Santander) where on the 13th a park and a track sank over the parking lot of an urbanization has begun this Monday.

The public company Gesvican, under the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Government of Cantabria, and which was the one that promoted the urbanization 14 years ago, awarded the Rucecan company with the decommissioning of New Mountain after the sinking.

On the 17th, the Minister of Public Works and Housing of Cantabria, José Luis Gochicoa, already informed the neighbors that Rucecan would be in charge of the de-collection work of the car park, with a budget of 137,873 euros including VAT.

The work will last approximately a month and a half.

Rucecan will have to remove about 3,000 tons of concrete and 8,000 cubic meters of land, corresponding to the area that is fallen and a safety perimeter established by Gesvican, as well as those concrete elements that are defective and that, for reasons also security, should be extracted.

For this, the winning company will use three machines of different dimensions to operate at several points at the same time and two trucks for the removal of the extracted material, a process that will be carried out at all times from the garages.

During the extraction work a shear will be used to cut all the materials and introduce them in the trucks, with the aim of avoiding vibrations.


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