April 14, 2021

The declaration of income and housing: you are still on time to pay less in 2019 | Economy

The declaration of income and housing: you are still on time to pay less in 2019 | Economy

The grapes are very close, but there are still a few days to try to make the Income statement to be presented next year not too expensive. One of the areas in which taxpayers can still act is housing, stress the tax advisors that make up the corresponding Register of the General Council of Economists (REAF).

The first thing that must be remembered is that, if the amount obtained in the transmission of the habitual residence it is invested in another habitual residence within a period of two years, the profit can be exonerated from the income statement. And that, if a property is sold with surplus value acquired between May 12 and December 31, 2012, you will only have to pay for half of it.

These are the other suggestions made by the REAF.

Rental houses

Do you want to rent a property? Keep in mind that the tax benefit of leasing it for housing -a reduction of 60% net return- can not be applied if it is rented per season or to a company that does not designate the employee who will occupy it. The reduction will not be possible either if some type of catering or cleaning service is provided since, in this case, the true nature of the activity that is being developed is an economic activity.

Also, in the event that the floor has been vacated any month of 2018, the expenses corresponding to this period will not be deductible, except those that have been paid to re-rent it. And do not forget that real estate income will also be charged for this period.

"If you have to carry out expenses in a rented property, anticipating them in this exercise will decrease the net yield and will be deferring the taxation for the lease", they add from the REAF.

And if you have returned this year, after April 3, the interest charged in excess for the floor clause that had deduced in previous years of the yields of a rented property, eye. You must submit supplementary statements of the exercises from 2014 to 2017, removing the interest returned and deducted within the term of the 2018 rent (that is, April, May and June 2019).

Profit and loss of assets

Treat aluminosis, installing an elevator or renewing electricity meters in a community of owners, among other works, may entail the delivery of aid by a public entity. If this has been the case of any real estate you own, you must pay for the proportional part of the subsidies as equity gains, remind the REAF tax advisors.

Also beware of the conviction in costs of Defaulted co-owners and compensation interests that the community has charged. "Both concepts constitute equity gains for the owners that must be included in their IRPF, in the proportion that they have ownership," they point out.


An arbitral award or judgment can cause your bank to return the interest you overcharged for the so-called floor clauses and is obliged to correspond to the indemnity interests. These will not constitute income, but if in 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017 you applied the deduction for the acquisition of a home, in the Income of 2018 you must add the amount deducted to your quota. If you repay interest on the same 2018, you should not do anything other than remove them from the deduction base.

And we must not forget that the limit of the deduction base for housing acquisition -9,040 euros per taxpayer- can be exhausted by amortizing the mortgage before the end of the year. "It may be a good strategy to reduce the amount to be paid by Renta 15% of the contribution," they point out from the REAF.

Do you live rent? If your tax base does not exceed 24,107 euros and you signed the contract before 2015, you can apply in 2018 the deduction of 10.05% for rental housing. In addition, if you are in this transitional regime and the term of the contract expires and the last extension, do not worry, according to the tax advisors. "You can still apply the deduction, even if you modify some clauses such as the price or the duration of the contract," they explain. "Nor will lose the right to deduct if the property is transferred to another owner with whom a new rental agreement is signed," they say.


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