March 6, 2021

The decision with Keylor Navas

He was one of the few players that was clear that he was leaving and that is why Keylor Navas said goodbye to Santiago Bernabéu in the last Real Madrid league match. At the end of the game, the goalkeeper went to the center of the field and, excited, raised his arms and began to applaud the audience. He had not said he was leaving, but it was known that Zidane had told him that his goalkeeper was Courtois.

And Keylor Navas seemed determined to look for the future while Lunin and Luca Zidane would have to fight to be the second of the Belgian goalkeeper.

Today it is not so clear that Keylor is going to leave Real Madrid. Moreover, the plan is to stay, an option that does not displease Zidane, one of the top defenders of the goalkeeper. Of course, if the Costa Rican is still in Real Madrid, despite his faith in himself, must be very clear that he will be the second goalkeeper of the team, behind Courtois.

During the irregular end of last season, Zidane did not give many clues as to how the team that Real Madrid is finally drawing would be, however, if he repeated again and again a very clear message: there would be no controversy in the goal. Last season, less with Solari, it was never very clear who was the main goal and that generated uncertainty, uncertainty and continuous rumors. Zidane this year looks for a strong, united and will try to make almost nothing out of balance: his bet is Courtois.

Neither Keylor Navas nor Real Madrid have been convinced by the offers that have come through the goalkeeper. Charge about 5 million euros and not all teams can pay that to a goalkeeper who will turn 33 this winter. You have to take charge of your file and also pay a transfer to the white set. Because the policy of this Real Madrid is that no footballer goes badly.

Keylor has not found a team that satisfies his wishes. In Portugal there has been much talk about a possible interest from Benfica or Porto, if Iker Casillas does not continue, but there has been nothing effective and the summer is over.

Keylor Navas has spent part of his holidays with Sergio Ramos, they are great friends and the goalkeeper is one of the most beloved of the locker room. Next week he will arrive in Madrid and will board the plane that takes the team to Montreal to start the preseason. His farewell at the end of last season has been "fake.

Miss, then to know who is left as third goalkeeper: yes Lunin or Luca Zidane. First they want to give him minutes, he did not have enough in Leganés and the second one knows what it is to play with the pressure of being the coach's son. It's about to see them stay.

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