March 5, 2021

The deceased of the accident of Pasito Blanco, a renowned Canarian musician – La Provincia

The deceased of the accident of Pasito Blanco, a renowned Canarian musician - La Provincia

The news is running like wildfire through the musical world of Gran Canaria and its social networks. With stupor and much regret, The Canarian culture shows its condolences for the tragic loss of one of its musicians, Miguel Estupiñán Díaz, deceased in the accident that took place the afternoon of this Tuesday in the GC-500 at the height of Pasito Blanco, when being hit by a vehicle that was fleeing the Civil Guard after skipping a routine traffic control.

In the incident, while the offender suffered slight contusions as a result of the crash, Miguel Estupiñan died trapped in his car. When the firemen managed to free him, the staff of the Canary Emergency Service could only confirm his death.

The portal He was among the first to report on the identity of the deceased. Is about Miguel Estupiñán Díaz, 55, a well-known guitarist who had been part of different rock bands in the Canary Islands, such as Altane, Doctor Burrus and Lua Lua Band. A day after his death, the news has spread like wildfire and Canarian musicians and their friends begin to show their sorrow on social networks with messages full of love and admiration for the artist, but not before showing their surprise at their sudden disappearance.

He is also a Canarian musician Antonio Miguel Pérez has been one of the first to announce the identity of the deceased in the accident, his friend, and to show his regret: "I can not believe that my best friend has died in the traffic accident of White Pasito this afternoon, when being attacked by a vehicle fleeing from the Civil Guard. I ask all the friends of Miguel Estupiñan Díaz to get in touch with their closest circle. "

"Miguel was born on July 1, 1964 and from a very young age he participated in the Canarian rock scene with his guitars of powerful sound and solitary care, as well as performing choirs," he says. your page

His last project was Lua Lua Band, a recognition to Rock Ríos that was born in 2016 as a tribute to the legendary Spanish rock singer Miguel Ríos. In those moments, Miguel Estupiñan shared a poster with a group of top-level musicians in the insular panorama: Sergio Franquis , from Los Lola (vocals), Sonia Fernández (choirs), Dácil R. Ramos (choirs), Joan Masana (keyboards), Sergio Martínez (guitars), César González (bass and choruses) and Javier Negrín (drums).

And this was one of his last performances with Lua Lua Band.


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