April 15, 2021

The debut of the bulls of Adolfo Martín, the highlights of the Magdalena | Culture

The debut of the bulls of Adolfo Martín, the highlights of the Magdalena | Culture

The Fair of the Magdalena de Castellón will have, in its edition of 2019, a run more than previous editions. Thus, the cycle will consist of five bullfights, a celebration of rejoneo and two practical classes, free of charge, with students from different bullfighting schools.

The great surprise is the combination of the run on Sunday 24, which has been called as 'Corrida de la Provincia', with the presence of three bullfighters from Castellón who have not performed in this square for some time. In addition, it will have the fight of the bulls of Adolfo Martín, who will make their debut in the Castellón arena. For the rest, it is a fair with all the figures wrapped, as always, by the ranches of their preferences.

Alberto Ramírez, representative of the company Gestión Universal de Espectáculos, said in the act of presentation of the posters that "with this fair one of the objectives that we set ourselves when taking charge of the square is fulfilled: to give a complete week of bulls. And to have all the current figures and the herds of interest. It is also a pride to be able to count on the bullfighters of the earth. I think it's the most crowded fair at the beginning of the season. " "Castellón is once again a benchmark in the bullfighting season," he continued.

The representative of the company stressed that "one more year we have promoted initiatives to bring young people to the bullring. As we already did in other years, in the inaugural run of the fair, on Sunday 24, any minor who comes accompanied by an adult will have free access to the celebration. " In this sense, he has also stressed that the Youth Pass is maintained, in which children under 25 can see all the festivities for 110 euros.

The president of the Provincial Council, Javier Moliner, supported the event and highlighted the institution's commitment to bullfighting. He placed special emphasis on the work of the bullfighting school, "as a key element of the future of the Festival and the formation of new values".

On the other hand, the Castellón painter Juan Ripollés is the author of the illustration of the poster announcing the Fair, an engraving with bullfighting motifs. Ripollés, fond of bullfighting, is a habitual spectator of the bullfighting celebrations that are celebrated in the bullring of Castellón and his work, of great personality, presents a complete color of clear Naif and Picasso inspiration.

The combinations are the following:

Sunday, March 24 Paco Ramos, Abel Valls and Vicente Soler (Adolfo Martín bulls).

Monday, 25. Rejoneo show. Andy Cartagena, Diego Ventura and Lea Vicens (bulls of Fermín Bohórquez).

Thursday, 28. El Cid, López Simón and Román (bulls from El Pilar and Moisés Fraile).

Friday, 29. The Fandi, José María Manzanares and Roca Rey (Juan Pedro Domecq bulls).

Saturday, 30. Morante de la Puebla, El Juli and Miguel Ángel Perera (bulls by Domingo Hernández and Garcigrand).

Domingo, 31. Enrique Ponce, Cayetano and Varea (bulls of Hermanos García Jiménez and Olga Jiménez).


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