The debate on the state of the nation, live

The debate on the state of the nation, live

9:51 a.m.

Yolanda Díaz demands that Feijóo take "cards in the matter" after knowing Villarejo's audios: "What his party has done is very serious"

The second vice president of the Government and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has urged this Tuesday the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to take "letters in the matter" after knowing the audios of ex-commissioner Villarejo speaking with the former general secretary of his party, María Dolores de Cospedal, and with the journalist Antonio García Ferreras, maneuvering about Podemos.

“It is very serious and absolutely unsustainable to bring down political enemies with public resources,” Díaz assured in an interview on TVE. “We need truthful information”, he stated, alluding to Ferreras, because “the damage is to democracy. "Spain deserves a collective reflection on what has happened", he has settled.

Reports Iñigo Aduriz.

9:44 a.m.

The Government, about the PP: "They are little jewels that do not deserve to govern Spain because they do not comply with the Constitution"

The Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, has accused the PP of trying to "return to the stone age" in terms of social rights by blocking the renewal of the Judicial and Constitutional Powers with resources against important laws such as abortion or euthanasia.

But above all he has charged against the party now led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo for breaching an agreement that, according to him, he agreed with the previous management and that is precisely what now demands that the Socialists withdraw to negotiate the changes in the Judiciary that has been expired for almost four years: the bill so that the CGPJ can designate its members for the Constitutional despite continuing in office.

"They are jewels and these jewels cannot govern Spain because they do not comply with the Constitution or the law," said the minister in an interview on Public Mirror (Antena 3).

Reports Irene Castro.

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