July 29, 2021

The debate in Real Madrid is over

The debate in Real Madrid is over

Vinicius was the great signing of Madrid this summer. With 18 years nobody in the club doubted that it was going to be a soccer player who would finish playing in the first equipment. It has the quality to do it as it has begun to show, it only needs to add minutes and acquire the experience it needs to be so young. "He has his whole career ahead and the evaluations will have to be made within 20 years. He is one more in the squad, with strengths and weaknesses, and he has only a couple of matches in the First Division, "said Solari, who has trained him in the team and is now giving him opportunities and minutes in the first team. Eleven times the Brazilian touched the ball in Saturday's game. One of those touches ended in a goal and another was the pass that ended in a penalty to Benzema. With very few minutes, he was in the two decisive plays of the white team. Less once he touched his field, the rest of the times he came in contact with the ball he did very close to the corner of the area, the place where he feels most comfortable.

Vinicius is called to be a star and although you wanted to be patient, sometimes in football things happen and you have to accelerate the times, you have to use the resources without looking further. Madrid does not have time now. The change of Solari by Lopetegui was an emergency solution to try to stimulate a wardrobe that seems blocked and in which nobody seems able to bet and risk. It was hoped that players like Bale, Isco and Asensio would take a step forward, but either the weight of responsibility has overwhelmed them or they need more time. The problem is that Madrid needs a change and the only one who seems capable of doing something different is the Brazilian. In the Cup match against Melilla was the best and repeated action in the clash against Valladolid, in many less minutes.

The Brazilian has always been devoted to football. "Vinicius' life was the ball, while the rest had other distractions, like the kite, and some even stopped training. He did not, he never did, he wanted to train at all times, if he was left, he stayed here until the school closed at night, "said Cacau, his discoverer at Flamengo. The striker always called attention to his ability and his skills and that is why they made him train with older children, so he would not abuse and to continue learning. What is happening now in Madrid is something similar. Vinicius is too young to take responsibility for a team that needs confidence and good results to straighten the course. He does not get scared and does not care. If it's your turn to play, it's your turn.

Lopetegui was very conservative with the Brazilian and before betting on him he wanted to maintain the hierarchy of the locker room and not create any problem by giving him more minutes than other players. For Solari it was the third change in Saturday's game, after Isco and Lucas Vázquez. "I told him to dare, although you do not need to tell him, because that already does," the coach continued after the victory against Valladolid.

Maybe the time of patience has reached the end. If Madrid needs a change, Vinicius seems ready.


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