The deaths of a pregnant woman and her son in Granada are being investigated as homicide

The deaths of a pregnant woman and her son in Granada are being investigated as homicide

The Guardia Civil iInvestigates as possible crimes of homicide or murder the "violent" deaths of the 38-year-old pregnant woman and her 3-year-old son, whose lifeless bodies were found early this Saturday in their chalet in Las Gabias (Granada). ).

A spokesperson for the armed Institute informed EFE this Sunday that, for the moment, no arrest has been made related to the authorship of this double crime, and that the agents continue their work to try to clarify everything that happened.

They find the bodies of a pregnant woman and her three-year-old son in a house in Granada

The events took place in a detached house located on calle Aracheof the Los Chopos urbanization, which belongs to the town of Las Gabias, a municipality near the capital of Granada.

Before the discovery of the bodies by the operatives, around 9:15 a.m. a person who had identified himself as the woman's partner contacted the 112 service of the Balearic Islands to warn of the alleged raid on his home, according to EFE was informed by the Emergency Coordination Center in Andalusia, which had no previous notices for possible fires or other incidents in the aforementioned home.

Once numerous troops of Local Police, Civil Guard, toilets and firefighters, the latter proceeded to forcefully open the door and located the lifeless bodies of a woman, in an advanced state of pregnancy, and a three-year-old boy in the house, where they found blood and traces of smoke.

In statements to EFE, the mayoress of Las Gabias, María Merinda Sábadaasked for prudence about this event while waiting for the investigation to progress and referred to its "strange" circumstances, taking into account that it would have been the victim's partner, who would be away for work reasons, who initially alerted of an alleged raid from your home with a call to 112 from the Balearic Islands.

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According to the councilor, after initially attending the Local police, The agents did not initially find anything "strange", no sign of a possible robbery or tampering with the perimeter of the property