August 3, 2021

The death toll rises to eleven due to a landslide in the center of Colombia

The death toll rises to eleven due to a landslide in the center of Colombia

The death toll by a landslide generated by a heavy downpour in the municipality of Marquetalia, in the Colombian department of Caldas (center), amounted to 11, authorities said today.

This was confirmed by the mayor of that town, Luis Carlos Betancourt, who said that "unfortunately the death toll amounted to 11", including several children, and said there is still one more person missing.

"That figure (the number of missing persons) is to be confirmed because some people say they can be more," added the municipal chief.

The landslide occurred around 2.30 local time (7.30 GMT) in the Andes neighborhood due to "very heavy rains" that hit Marquetalia and left four others injured.

"The initial report is of seven affected houses, of those seven houses we have a total of 28 people rescued," he told Efe, on the other hand, the departmental coordinator of Risk Management of Caldas, Félix Ricardo Giraldo.

According to the official, at this moment about 40 units of the fire departments of the municipality work, as well as the neighboring towns of Manzanares and Pensilvania.

"(The action) is coordinated from the local risk management council headed by the mayor, we will have a meeting in the morning with the governor (from Caldas, Guido Echeverri) in Marquetalia, where the situation will be assessed and we will look at the measures to take to return to normal, "he added.

The National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD) noted on Twitter that contingency plans were activated to address the situation.

Marquetalia is a municipality of about 15,000 inhabitants located in the east of Caldas, about 135 kilometers away from Manizales, the departmental capital.


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