The dean of the Cathedral of Toledo resigns due to the video clip of C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso

C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso, in the video clip of & # 039; Ateo & # 039 ;.

C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso, in the ‘Ateo’ video clip.

The dean of the Toledo Cathedral, Juan Miguel Ferrer, has resigned from his position after controversy arising from the video clip ‘Ateo’ by C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso recorded in the Toledo temple and the initial discrepancy of opinions with the Archbishop of Toledo, Francisco Cerro Chaves.

Has been the Archdiocese of Toledo The one who informed this Tuesday in a press release of Ferrer’s decision, which will be effective from this Saturday, October 16, and which he has taken taking into account that his term ended on November 5.

According to the statement, this Tuesday the archbishop of Toledo and the dean of the Cathedral met, “a cordial meeting” in which the dean “has expressed his full communion with Cerro Chaves and with the Diocesan Church.”

Too has asked for “institutional forgiveness” in his name and in the name of the various instances of the Cabildo “to the extent that they have had responsibility, for all the errors and faults that may have been committed by word, deed and omission in the events of the last few days.”

During the meeting, Ferrer conveyed to the archbishop his opinion that it was “convenient to ask” to bring forward the conclusion of his mandate at the head of the Cathedral, scheduled for November 5, to Saturday October 16 and “the archbishop has kindly accept the request. ”

The Archdiocese has also specified that, by internal regulations of the Cabildo “in force for years”, the money collected for extraordinary activities of the Cathedral is destined to social works.

The resignation of Ferrer -who has been dean of the Cathedral of Toledo since November 2016- comes after the controversy generated as a result of the recording of the video clip ‘Atheist’ by C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso, in which both artists appear dancing and in sensual poses inside the temple, among other rooms in the Chapter Room.

After the malaise that began to manifest itself on social networks from the day of its publication, which was on Friday, October 8, Ferrer justified in a press release the video clip recording by stating that the song “presents the story of a conversion through human love“and leaned on the letter of it:” I was an atheist, but now I believe, because a miracle like you had to come down from heaven. ”

He also argued that “to certain attitudes of intolerance he opposes the understanding and acceptance of the Church, as manifested in the final sequences of the video” and, although he acknowledged that it is true that the video uses “a provocative visual language”, Ferrer pointed out that the end result does not affect faith, because “it is a language of the culture of our time and the good that it can produce in those far away has been attended to.”

Archbishop’s rejection

However, hours later, the archbishop of Toledo regretted “deeply” the recording of the video-clip inside the Primate Cathedral of Spain, apologized to all the lay faithful, consecrated men and priests “who have been rightly hurt by this misuse of a sacred place“and said that” he was absolutely unaware of the existence of this project, its content and the final result. ”

In addition, Cerro has convened for next Sunday October 17, coinciding with the beginning of the diocesan phase of the 16th synod, “an invitation to repair sins”, to which he has invited all parishes, associations and movements, to the priests, consecrated and laity.

And last Sunday, October 10, about thirty of the faithful gathered in front of the Cathedral to pray the rosary as an act of reparation.


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