July 3, 2020

The dead rise to five due to the collapse of a building in Brazil

The death toll from the collapse of a seven-story building last Tuesday in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza rose five to Thursday, following the discovery of two new bodies, while firefighters continue searches for five people considered missing.

The Fire Department of Ceará, a state in northeastern Brazil, of which Fortaleza is the capital, reported in its latest bulletin on Thursday that it removed the debris from which the bodies of two new victims were reduced.

This is a 60-year-old man identified as Antonio Holanda Silveira and his daughter, the psychologist Nayara Pinho Silveira, 31, both residents of the building.

Three other bodies had been found on Wednesday by first responders.

The first victim, identified as Frederick Santana dos Santos, 30, was employed by a food supply company that was supplying a store next to the wrecked building and was buried by rubble.

On Wednesday, the body of Izaura Marques Menezes, an inhabitant of the 81-year-old building, was also removed from the rubble.

The fifth victim, a woman, has not yet been identified.

In the rescue and search of the five missing, who have no deadline to finish, 250 firefighters participate, who have the help of 5 dogs trained for this type of operations.

On Tuesday, firefighters managed to rescue seven people alive.

The building, located in the Dionisio Torres neighborhood, a upper middle class region of Fortaleza, collapsed on Tuesday at 10.30 in the morning (13.30 GMT) for causes that are still being investigated.

The rubble affected a small adjoining supermarket and buried several vehicles that were in the surrounding streets, where residents and relatives of the residents concentrated in search of information on people who were declared missing.

The injured, two of them in serious condition, were referred to hospitals in Fortaleza, capital of Ceará, and some were discharged after no serious injuries were found.

The authorities investigate the causes of the accident and the legal situation of a repair reform to the structure of the property that apparently had begun on Monday.

In April, the collapse of two buildings in a peripheral area of ​​Rio de Janeiro left a dozen dead and exposed the problem of irregular buildings in Brazil.

The properties were built irregularly in an area of ​​difficult access in the neighborhood of Muzema, in the western part of Rio, and controlled by para-police groups known as militias.

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