Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The dead increase to seven after collapsing two buildings in Rio de Janeiro

The dead increase to seven after collapsing two buildings in Rio de Janeiro

The death toll after the collapse of two buildings in Rio de Janeiro increased this Saturday to seven, while rescue teams continue the search efforts to find the twelve disappeared accounted for so far, official sources reported.

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A hundred firefighters are on Friday at the site of the tragedy, in the neighborhood known as Muzema, in the west of Rio, to participate in the work of debris in the hope of finding more survivors.

According to the latest official report, seven people have died, of which two were rescued alive, but died in the hospital; Ten were injured and there are at least twelve missing.

The two buildings that collapsed on Friday were built in an irregular manner in this area that is difficult to access and controlled by militias, according to the City Hall of Rio, which warned that another 30 neighboring properties are in the same situation.

Faced with the risk of other buildings collapsing, the authorities have evicted at least twenty families, some of whom wait in the street to return to their homes.

The neighborhood of Muzema is next to Rio das Pedras, the favela of the western area of ​​the capital of Rio de Janeiro where the militias were born and are strongest.

Muzema was controlled by a group of militiamen led by the police chief Ronald Paulo Alves Pereira, arrested last February in an operation against paramilitary groups.

Rio de Janeiro remains on alert this Saturday after heavy rains, the worst of the last twenty-two years, which fell on Monday night and caused great damage and a dozen deaths.

The precipitations paralyzed some neighborhoods of the south and west zones of Rio, due to the landslides and the floods of streets, that dragged numerous automobiles.


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