March 7, 2021

The dead in Italy are 24,648 and the current positives fall in 528

The deaths in Italy with coronavirus are already 24,648, after registering 534 the last 24 hours, a figure higher than the last three days, in a day in which 528 current positive cases have fallen.

For the second day there are fewer patients who are currently positive in Italy and, if yesterday there were only 20 fewer than the previous day, today there are 528, up to 107,709 cases, according to Civil Protection data.

The total cases of contagion since the outbreak was detected in Italy on February 21 are 183,957, an increase of 2,729 from Monday, somewhat higher than the previous day, although within the current trend of reduced spread. Of these, 51,600 have already been cured (2,723 more than on Monday), and those hospitalized and those admitted to intensive care continue to decline.


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