The dead caused by typhoon Phanfone in the Philippines are 28

The authorities raised this Friday to 28 the dead caused by typhoon Phanfone, two injured and 12 missing, on December 25 and 26 through the central region of the Philippines with heavy rains and winds of up to 195 kilometers per hour .

This was reported in its latest newsletter the National Center for Disaster Reduction (NDRRMC), which said the typhoon is already outside the archipelago, some 335 kilometers west of Subic, on the northwest coast.

Most of the dead occurred on the island of Panay, in the Western Visayas region, although the typhoon also caused heavy rains and floods on its path to the northwest of the archipelago.

Phanfone, locally baptized as Ursula, destroyed boats, houses and caused floods, forcing some 39,000 people to return to temporary shelters, leaving nearly 90 municipalities without electricity.

The typhoon also caused damage to about 60,000 hectares of crops and fishing, valued at more than 571 million pesos (about 11.27 million dollars or 10.15 million euros), mainly in the Visayas Islands.

The Philippines receives between 15 and 20 typhoons every year during the rainy season, which begins around the months of May and June and usually ends between November and December.

In November 2013, Sui typhoon Haiyan caused more than 6,300 deaths, a thousand missing and 14 million victims with sustained winds of 235 kilometers per hour that caused a tsunami that swept kilometers of coastline.


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