June 5, 2020

The de-escalation is generalized with the passage of Madrid and Barcelona to phase 1

The de-escalation is generalized with the passage to phase 1 of Madrid, Barcelona and the whole of Castilla y León and with half of Spain advancing to phase 2, while the health crisis, whose data on deaths and infections remain in the “moderate” line For the rest of the week, she is still involved in the political turmoil over the PSOE pact with Bildu to repeal the labor reform.

Except for the Valencian Community and part of Castilla-La Mancha -which they have not asked to pass- and the Andalusian provinces of Malaga and Granada -which were later incorporated-, 15 autonomies are preparing to premiere phase 2, in which there will no longer be time slots to leave, nor will there be in populations of up to 10,000 inhabitants that are still in phase 1.

The de-escalation is widespread amid “optimism” about the evolution of the epidemic, which this Friday registered figures very similar to those of the entire week with deaths below one hundred for the fifth consecutive day (58) and new infections slightly above 400, despite the continuous restructuring of the data, such as those of Catalonia, whose mismatches in the notifications of the last two days are of concern to the Ministry of Health.

That “optimism”, not without caution, is reflected in a sentence pronounced this Friday by the coordinator of the Center for Emergencies and Health Alerts, Fernando Simón: “If we maintain the precautionary measures and control of transmission that we all know and are careful in returning to the activities that allow us to go through the different phases, we can be very close to actually having the virus at practically undetectable levels ”.

In spite of everything, the health authorities will from now on be very aware of the effects of the elimination of restrictions, due to entering phase 1, in the two large metropolitan areas of the country, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​where more than 15 percent of the population and that have become, in that order, the two territories hardest hit by the epidemic.


The Community of Madrid finally reaches phase 1, after requesting it for the third time and turning the previous refusals of the Government into a motive for grievances linked to political reasons, despite Health’s insistence that it did not meet the technical requirements, as its own general director of Public Health, who resigned after the first request was formalized two weeks ago.

Pending the publication of the technical reports, Health claimed that the Madrid community have a sufficient capacity for diagnosis, a tracking plan and the reinforcement of the primary health care that must carry out these practices, which is stated in the letter expanded forwarded this week.

Catalonia has followed a more cautious plan with Barcelona and its metropolitan area, which have been the last health regions proposed by the Generalitat to start de-escalation in a staggered process on Monday, which began 15 days ago in the Pyrenean and Tarragona regions, which now go to phase 2, and continued on Monday with those of Girona, Lleida and Central Catalonia.

Phase 1 is also accessed by the whole of Castilla y León, including its nine provincial capitals, which will henceforth become the territorial unit, instead of the sanitary area as until now. Malaga, Granada, Toledo, Ciudad Teal and Albacete remain one more week in this initial phase, which were accessed later than the rest of the Andalusian and Castilian-Manchegas provinces.

The Valencian Community will also remain in this phase, as requested by the Generalitat after detecting a slight increase in infections. In total, 25 million people (53%) will debut or continue in phase 1, which allows meetings of up to 10 people, have a drink on a terrace or shop at an establishment without an appointment.

The other 22 million inhabitants (47%) of 15 autonomous regions will advance to phase 2 and will be able, with less capacity restrictions but always with the appropriate distance, to enter a bar, eat in a restaurant, play sports at any time , bathing in a pool or on the beach, going to an exhibition, to the cinema or the theater, but with a limit of 50 seats if it is indoors and 400 outdoors, or hiking in groups of up to 20 people.

The Minister of Health, who has announced that all the reports of the passage to phase 1 of the different communities will be made public on Monday, stressed that it is normal to wait, before the phase change, for the deadline to be met 14 days minimum before Madrid’s presumable request next week to propose an advance, as he has already hinted.


The demands of Madrid and its pulse with the Government are part of the dynamics of the health crisis, still caught in the political turmoil generated by the pact, later rectified, of the PSOE with Bildu to repeal the labor reform in exchange for an unnecessary abstention for carry out the fifth extension of the alarm state.

In the face of such a controversial decision, which has angered the opposition, its investiture partners and a good part of the socialist barons, the Government – where there are no unanimities either – has tried to close ranks with a step forward from its spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, who has reproached PP and ERC for leaving them alone after defending the pact with Bildu.

After the meeting of the Council of Ministers, Montero has said that the Executive “is strong and is united regardless of who weighs” and that any difference, such as those expressed by Vice Presidents Iglesias and Calviño, is due to the fact that they “work 24 hours a piece a day practically “and not everyone knows” at the moment or in detail “the tasks of others.

Without hot cloths, the socialist barons have been very critical of the agreement, which led the CEOE CEO Antonio Garamendi to suspend the social dialogue until the agreement was clarified.

The PNV, considered a preferred investor partner, has alerted the Prime Minister in his usual style, through the mouth of its President, Andoni Ortuzar: “The trust deposit in this government and that of Pedro Sánchez already has the reserve light on” .


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