The de-escalated lusa will regulate visits to residences, soccer and public transport

The Government of Portugal, given the favorable evolution of the coronavirus pandemic, works in a sectoral way in regulating the return of family members to nursing homes, in the use of public transport and in the return of football competition.

According to the Minister of Health of Portugal, Marta Temido, said today, at the end of next week they will conclude the drafting of a series of regulations that allow family visits to residences or define the use of public transport, where it is mandatory wearing a mask.

In addition, the Government has authorized the first division of the Football League to begin behind closed doors the weekend of May 30 and 31, so they will make a selection of Portuguese stadiums in which the matches of the ten will be played remaining days to conclude the championship.

Temido also explained today that they are working on the drafting of a series of regulations to regulate beach access by bathers.

After passing from the state of alarm to the state of calamity, Portugal contains the positive evolution of the pandemic with 1,126 deaths to date (12 more than yesterday) and an increase of positives in the last hours of 0.5%, to 27,406 infected.

Starting on May 18, the date on which the second phase of the de-escalation will begin in the country, the cafes and restaurants, which until now remained operational with home delivery services or takeaways, will be able to open 50% of his capacity.

The good management climate of the Covid-19 between the Government and the opposition has made it possible for both parties to improve in the polls.

In a survey released today by the media "Porto Canal" and the newspaper "Sol", the Socialist Party (PS) led by Prime Minister Ant├│nio Costa rose in vote intention to 37.7%, that is, 1.3 percentage points more than in the result of the past legislative acts of October 2019.

For its part, the center-right Social Democratic Party (PSD), whose leader Rui Rio has shown his support for Costa during the pandemic, reduces the advantage by obtaining 29.4% in voting intention, so it rises 2.2 points compared to the last poll in February.


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