The Daysan celebrates its ten years of life – The Province

The Daysan celebrates its ten years of life - The Province

The Daysan Rhythmic Gymnastics Club celebrated its tenth anniversary with a gala at the Cultural Center of Maspalomas. An event that they developed in an intimate and discreet way. A simple toast and several acknowledgments to people and athletes linked to the group, which they wanted to honor for their efforts turned into medals, awards and that have contributed to the sporting baggage of a club that was born by a simple coincidence.

Its founder, Daisy Ojeda Díaz, had been training this sport for five years in Mogán, in a club in the southern town. And sometimes, when he could not get there, he used the Municipal Pavilion of El Tablero to train. These infrastructures, in those days, were used only on rare occasions. He considered, at that time, take advantage of the facilities more, and thus began the use of space for rhythmic gymnastics training. With this, the idea of ​​establishing and creating a specific club for El Tablero was born. And from this, the Daysan Club emerged.

Sports training, despite its young age, has been introduced in a powerful way in the world of sports gymnastics at all levels of competition. "At the beginning, like everything, it was quite complicated, but year after year, with effort and a lot of work, I have to recognize that we have obtained many achievements and merits," says Daisy Ojeda. In ten years of existence they have achieved multiple awards in the different categories.

Unanimous recognition

The having of the set already has in its showcases different champions of the Canary Islands, in addition to numerous medals at national level. "A fact that is already very complicated, because this sport, at a national level, has very high standards, which is a source of pride for us to have many recognitions in the track record. category benjamín, formed by Naroa, Lucia, Hanna, Inka and Liduvina, achieved the gold medal, "the president and founder adds.

Daisy Ojeda adds that they are "very proud of the club, which grows year by year, and that makes there a basis for continuing to compete on all levels, right now, in rhythmic gymnastics." He is excited when commenting Ojeda that, "the little school, the base of this sport, is quite strong at the Gran Canaria level". All "thanks to the fact that we work on it and dedicate a lot of time to it because we like girls to learn and have a good time," she explains. The work that they have carried out has placed the club from the beginning in the finals of most of the championships they are playing. Currently it has a total of 120 girls. These are accompanied by thirty more athletes, who participate in major categories of competition.

Nereida Castellano Santana, Marina Suárez Tuveng, Claudio Naranjo Montesdeoca, María Tejera Pérez and Anny Rodríguez Mir also work in the sports and didactic work. Everyone is involved in teaching girls, not just sports knowledge. "We want to instill in them social values, in solidarity, because they spend many hours in the club, and through sport, other sports values ​​can be transmitted, we make outings, parties, every year we go to the Garañón to live together. We make parties with parents, to involve them in the project and to lend a hand in what they can, "says Ojeda.

Inclusive entity

The club has also been inclusive since its beginnings, since they work in equality. "Yes, in these years we have joined children, but it is not usual, because it has always been considered a sport for women, and in many cases, they tend to be a minority and sometimes leave because they are outnumbered. last year we had Bryan, who left us because he went to study in Madrid, "says Daisy Ojeda.

The sports team tries to be self-sufficient and not only depend on the subsidies they receive from the City Council of San Bartolomé, Mogán, Cabildo and the Government of the Canary Islands. The parents contribute a monthly fee for the maintenance of their offspring, but "we need something more, especially to pay the expenses of the competitions, which is usually the most expensive". For all these reasons, they organize sometimes celebrations, meetings, tournaments and raffles to collect the necessary money to have a presence in the different championships, and to bring the awards, medals and mentions that they accumulate in the club.

On Saturday, December 22, on the occasion of their tenth anniversary, they celebrated the work done by the club and honored those companies, corporations and family members who support them daily, giving them their time, money and effort. Thus, the intimate gala to recognize the work of those athletes who "have excelled in these ten years" also served to "thank all those who have helped us and have been with us in this decade," emphasizes President Daisy Ojeda.


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