The day the walls speak - The Province

The day the walls speak - The Province

Juan Manuel Artero and Juan Manuel Marrero offer morning, in the Literary Cabinet, on the occasion of their 175or Anniversary, a sound installation with the title of 'Speaking walls' where they recreate the sounds of the building, to which to follow an experimental concert within the Saln Dorado.

As if from a strange phenomenon of a program Fourth millenium it will be, those who approach Sunday morning at 12:00 around the vicinity of Literary Cabinet You can attend a unique phenomenon: the walls that speak.

Passers-by will experience the experience of hearing a series of sounds from pipes, bricks, water vapors or electrical installations, as well as creaks, echoes, reverberations and footsteps of the people who inhabit or transit it, who will flow in a melodic way around of the building. In reality, this experience, more than an event of paranormal dyes, will be the first part of a sound installation to be performed by musicians Juan Manuel Artero and Juan Manuel Marrero, on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of this historic building in the Gran Canaria capital, with the Title of Speaking walls.

Artero will take care of this first part and, shortly after, at 12.30, Juan Manuel Marrero will continue with the second in the Golden Hall inside the building of the Plaza Cairasco where, through a piano and an electronic device, will offer a concert where you will mix classic language with avant-garde resources. "The idea that came to mind is that you do one thing for inside the building and another for outside," says Artero at the time of explaining the project.


"Many of the sounds that are heard from outside belong to the building, as if the walls were singing, as if it were a real trompe l'oeil sound.There are four speakers on each corner that the public does not see but that makes you wonder where it comes from The noise is noise with a musical sense, "he adds.

The piece lasts 30 minutes, and is repeated, at the end of the Marrero concert, again in the surroundings of the building, since, according to the musician, "the sound installations work more like sculptures that surround it". Therefore, the intervention will have a first part from 12.00 to 12.30, prior to Marrero's concert. And a second from 13.00 to 13.00 at the end of this. The surprise effect is very important for the musician from Madrid. "The intention would seem at first to provoke citizen alarm, but when you hear those sounds you realize that it is not something that has arisen by chance because it is too musical to be confused". It is not, therefore, like War of the Worlds Wells, although he shares certain intentions to create some social unrest like that.

"The first impression of people is not knowing what's going on," clarifies the musician. "As it is to give voice to the Cabinet, provoking the sensation that what is heard is a sequence that revolves around the building with the purpose that there is a relationship between what it sounds and where it occurs." Marrero, for his part, recalls that "I had already composed a work for this building in 2007, when there was an architectural renovation, and that work gave me the idea of ​​conceiving this new show that, in my case, means joining together in one 30-minute piece of uninterrupted music, electronic with live piano that can symbolize everything that the building implies ". At this point, the Gran Canaria musician based in Paris remembers that the Literary Cabinet "It is a cultural institution that programs exhibitions of painting, photography, etc., of different aesthetics, educated and popular, and in my work I have tried a bit to cover all the musical experiences that have taken place here: classical, contemporary, a small nod to jazz, and popular music, even electronic ".

Marrero recalls that his work combines, within the electronic, the academic electroacoustics with rhythmic and melodic elements of popular music and all that accompanied by the piano in all its aspects: "the piano as a source of sound exploration, the piano as an instrument of sound possibilities beyond the simple keys, the piano in its classical concept to end up as a piano that supports the idea of ​​orthodox jazz, "he adds.

The musician also emphasizes that this project is an extension of the conceived ten years ago in which Juan Manuel Marrero recorded people walking through the building, voices of people speaking, conferences and workshops that were held "and that I have now mixed with my abstract idea of ​​the sound of the walls ".

But the author of Clara and the shadows, stresses that "electronics will be the main protagonist of this show with sounds that I transform". Therefore, the piano has a secondary role of accompaniment. Marrero manages four live elements, the piano, the computer, the audio cards and the mixing table, with which "sound explorations are produced with other innovative components".

The result is an expressionist soundtrack, sometimes with dyes of horror film, and others of a kind jazz or even rythm and blues that links with his work Songs for the sitting man. Marrero remembers that his origin is in the song of the author. "Then I got my PhD in France knowing the music in a broad and more versatile way". That is why, in its sound, the spectators will be able to guess a multitude of references that will sound clearly. To this we must add the good acoustics of the Salón Dorado, where both musicians struggled yesterday to work to achieve a perfect sound.

A montage, in short, that guarantee a visual and sound experience as unusual as appealing to lovers of sensations, say, different.


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