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The day the jury of the Gabriel case saw and heard (almost) everything | Society

This Thursday's session in the trial against Ana Julia Quezada, author confesses of the death of little Gabriel Cruz, has been filled with images and shocking sounds. They have been brought along with their testimony 14 civil guards who investigated the crime. The popular jury has seemed to wake up when on a screen Ana Julia has been seen covered with the hood of a red sweatshirt in the reconstruction of the facts. A tearful and handcuffed woman. Very different from the one sitting right next to the plasma, absent, crestfallen. Alien to the expectation that the place of death of the eight-year-old boy has awakened on February 27, 2018: a tiny empty room, tiled with earth-colored tiles. The eyes, except his own, have gone to Rodalquilar's house, and when he came and went from the accused and the investigators two days after the arrest. The few journalists present in the room of the Provincial Court of Almeria have also been able to see a video summary of the 27 minutes of the test. It has not been issued in the press area.

A careful and dedicated instructor judge reviews Quezada with his movements. Rafael Serrano asks if he will collaborate. "Of course," he replies. He accompanies him to the room where he says Gabriel enters with an ax. “I tried to remove it. He calls me black. And he starts screaming. Shriek! ” The judge stages with her the death of the child. And then? "I smoke." He tells her that he is bundling two or three cigarettes, that he enters and leaves. What do you think? Ana Julia on the screen sobs: "I think about her father and how I tell her father …!" The one in the room does not look.

Through the door of the room they go out to the garden. Between a small pool and the house you can see the gravel that has covered the child for 12 days. Choked by the wind, Quezada is heard telling what is already known: digs a hole, undresses Gabriel, drags it and places it in the hole. Try to cut off a hand. Flatten the earth and leave. The judge asks if he hit the ax or hit him. She says no.

That day there was a civil guard with a dog. This was stopped in four places: the mop, the mop bucket, a point in the small room and on some tables next to the place where the child was buried. The trail of what neither the jury nor anyone has seen. Only Ana Julia Quezada, The agent has told the jury, who has also seen in photos Gabriel's clothes (sneakers, sweatpants, shirt, sweatshirt) thrown into a glass container; another mud-stained T-shirt (wrinkled, with a bear pedaling on a bicycle) that Quezada placed in a cane field, rubbed against the ground, the researchers believe; the path that the boy had to go to his cousins' house in Las Habichuelas, 117 meters straight. And also the omnipresent woman, with a ripped silhouette hanging from the arms and opening the trunk of the car. Closing it with the small lump inside. The jury hears her whisper at that moment: "Now take him out of here." He was picked up by the microphone that the investigators had placed, and then: "Ana, you're not going to jail."

The session has also revolved around the testimonies of two commanders of the Central Operating Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard. One of them, Captain Hidalgo, has claimed to have been in contact with the accused from the outset, and has ensured that she had a behavior of “avoidance, not collaboration”. "It begins to blame third parties and even speaks badly about the child." He told them he insulted her, called her ugly black. Telling that it was about defending the child and did not calculate the pressure on him "does not make much sense."

Quezada lied about issues that were unrelated to the case, said the captain, and that alerted them. Another of the commanders, Commander Montero, has assured that the accused wanted to keep the reward that the family offered during the search for the child. “It seems macabre. I wanted money, ”he said.

On the other hand, the defense lawyer Esteban Hernández, has protested several times for not being able to ask the experts in the last place. He said after the session that "the right of defense is being" injured because "equality is not being maintained" in the oral hearing.

In the afternoon, Patricia Ramírez, Gabriel's mother, has requested in a statement "a State pact that expressly prohibits the issuance of content related to how his child died".

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