March 9, 2021

The day that Thebes, by Zozulya, compared to having homosexuals in a team to have Nazis

It happened in February 2017, when Lightning did not accept the transfer of the Betis player

"In the Rayo they do not want Nazis, and if tomorrow another team does not want homosexuals? ”, Said Thebes in February 2017 when the Lightning allowed Zozuyla to return to Betis after refusing to play in Vallecas, despite having agreed his assignment with the Betic club

Zozulya trained with the Lightning, but the pressure of the stands prevented him from debuting in the Vallecano team. That summer he left Betis and now plays for Albacete. On Sunday, the encounter between Rayo and Albacete could not be terminated because the referee suspended him by calling Zozulya "Nazi fucking".

LaLiga, the entity whose presidency is presented again Thebes, took a note after the suspension of the game: "LaLiga expresses its agreement with the decision taken by José Antonio López Toca, the referee of the match between Rayo Vallecano and Albacete Balómpié de suspend the meeting against the serious insults and threats that occurred during the first half against Roman Zozulya, player of the visiting club and at the request of the two teams at the Vallecas stadium, ”says the note.

"From LaLiga we continue working to eradicate violence, racism and xenophobia in the stages of Spanish professional football," he adds


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