The day that Pablo Iglesias left with Arturo Fernández in 'La casa de los messos' | TV

The death of actor Arturo Fernández has been commented on social networks by various figures of culture and politics. One of the most striking reactions has been that of Pablo Iglesias, who on Twitter has said that as a child he participated as an extra in an interpreter series. In the SER chain they have found the series and the moment in which the leader of Unidas Podemos appeared.

"I met Arturo Fernández as an extra in a series of his (they asked for guys with long hair to make figurative diners in a vegetarian restaurant) He was nice and very nice to us, we were there for 5000. Hug family and friends Rest in peace, "Iglesias wrote in the morning. The politician, in statements then to the SER, he said he did not remember what series he was. "I would not be 20 years old (...) it was a scene from a restaurant (...) my friends told me they saw me, it must have been in 1997," explained Iglesias.

The series has turned out to be The house of trouble, and the chapter in which Iglesias appears was the ninth of the second season, titled The great seller. In it appears Iglesias, already with long hair, as a guest of a vegetarian restaurant. In the sequence are Arturo Fernández and the actress Florinda Chico.

Iglesias has also reacted to the discovery of the images and has written another message on Twitter accompanied by photos from the series: "Well here the evidence of the crime. @pepablanes (Chief of Culture of the SER). This was not done by Commissioner Villarejo. Even after leaving, Arturo Fernández has made us smile again. D.E.P".

Recently, Arturo Fernández said he was not going to act in Cádiz with his play because there he commanded Podemos, a party he has come to call "social lacara" in an interview in La Razón.

Chapter in which Pablo Iglesias appears in the 56th minute.

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