July 29, 2021

The day that Florentino Pérez stopped before signing Conte | sports

The day that Florentino Pérez stopped before signing Conte | sports

The thrashing suffered by Madrid in the last classic (5-1) had a suffocating effect. His friends say that Florentino Perez, the president of Madrid, decided in the same box of the Camp Nou, in the heat of humiliation, that the most convenient way out of the crisis was urgently sign Antonio Conte, a man with a reputation for an iron hand who was capable of executing a squad that had been vitiated by winning so many things for so long. Immediately the Madrid reactivated a negotiating way opened weeks ago. The first offer was down.

As a survey, Madrid made a light proposal. Says an intermediary who, seeing that they would not give him practically power, and after learning that Sergio Ramos had referred to him in aggressive terms at the end of the classic – "respect is not imposed, respect must be earned" – Conte tossed in style and demanded five conditions. First, a salary of more than ten million euros; second, more years of contract than those offered, and all guaranteed; third, to be accompanied by five assistants; fourth, absolute guarantees that a large investment would be made to renew the workforce immediately; and fifth, absolute executive capacity in highs and lows.

Persuaded that they would not sign him, according to sources close to the negotiation, Conte made sure that if they ever came back for him – and that could only happen in case of emergency – they would not put him in the club by the gatera but by the big door . Among the leaders of Madrid the demands caused fright.

The presidential advisors warned of the serious danger that would involve signing a coach who came to set fire to the locker room, an uncontrollable one capable of exposing Florentino Perez at press conferences, and a technician whose model of play – the catenaccio modern- would enter into contradiction with the tastes of a social mass without emotional ties with it.

There were managers who envisioned Conte as a prelude to the demolition and a precipitous presidential election in the spring. They say that Florentino Perez broke the brakes a few hours after starting the negotiation to bet on Solari, as the official statement said, "provisionally."

Yesterday Conte broke his silence at the RAI. He referred to the words of Ramos: "When a coach comes to a team must bring education and respect, which is also expected from the players. When this fails, the problems begin. "

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