May 16, 2021

The day that Enrique Meneses gave the torch of war journalism to David Beriain

“I want to pass the torch to a man named David. You have all seen the report he has done on Afghanistan: a piece of report.” With these words Enrique Meneses recognized as his successor David beriain, the journalist, killed this Tuesday in Burkina Faso next to the camera Roberto Fraile.

It was the month of September 2009 and that informal change took place at the Andalusian Journalism Congress organized in La Rábida, Huelva. Enrique Meneses, legendary Spanish reporter who covered the uprising of Che and Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra, correspondent in India, in the Middle East, photographer at JFK’s funeral at the Arlington military cemetery, delivered his autobiography, ‘Until here we have arrived ‘, to an emotional Beriain, whom he considered “like a son”.

That copy bore the following dedication: “For David Beriain, a young colleague and friend, who practices a journalism that few dare to do. Receive this witness and that in many years he will pass it on to another who likes the same path”

The moment It has been commemorated today by the journalistic portal, from where they lament the loss of David and Roberto: “Now remembering some of Enrique Meneses’ phrases is devastating.”


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