July 24, 2021

The day that Bale upset Zidane | sports

The day that Bale upset Zidane | sports

The Welsh Federation and the representative of Gareth Bale confirmed that the player joined his national team on Sunday to face Spain next Thursday in Cardiff. The embarkation is striking after Bale asked for the change in Mendizorroza on Saturday, in the 80th minute of a game stuck, leaving the most disoriented Real Madrid of the decade without the man called to be his flag striker. The reason that inspired the Welshman to leave the field – "fatigue", according to the spokesman of the club – was as rare as the circumstances that made him a strategic player after the final of the last Champions, in Kiev.

The joy for the conquest of the Thirteenth ran through the stands on the night of May 26 and the words of Florentino Pérez circulated in the presidential delegation that was accommodated in the box of the Olympic stadium. The president repeated proudly that he already knew that Bale was not wrong when he signed him for 100 million euros in 2013, against the prevailing opinion. He affirmed, according to the witnesses, that Bale was "better than Cristiano" because he marked "the differences" in the big dates, and that he had shown that by scoring two goals against Liverpool. The president's opinion in Ukraine was blunt, as they remember in his retinue: "Bale is misunderstood!".

The one that understood him the least was Zinedine Zidane, the coach who had just won three consecutive Champions. Zidane had left Bale on the bench in Kiev following with a clear pattern. Bale was only a starter in any knockout match of the last Champions League, against Juve at the Bernabéu and was changed at halftime. The technician asked to be transferred.

After much insistence, and after a Welsh injury loss that lasted from September 20 to December 23, 2017, Zidane's claims were heard. In January, Florentino Pérez agreed that they would sell Bale and that with the 100 million they would earn they would reinforce the team with a big star.

The leaders parliamentarian with Zidane repeatedly on the front that would design for the 2018-19 course. Florentino Pérez informed him that his intention was to sign Neymar. According to sources close to the directive, the technician accepted it after warning that his friends in France – Deschamps at the helm – warned him about the lack of professionalism of the Brazilian. Set to offer alternatives, Zidane proposed to Hazard and was favorable when asked for his opinion of Harry Kane and Mo Salah.

Of what he had no doubt Zidane was of one thing: Bale had to leave. The technician alleged that he was tactically dispersed, irregular and too individualistic. Zidane expressed himself in the line of his predecessor, Carlo Ancelotti, endorsed by the costume leaders in regards to considering Bale as a man as difficult to decipher as his tomographies. The doctors of the club did not manage to detect muscular injury some after the derbi of a week ago, of which Bale retired by physical problems.

Dupla with Neymar

After collecting the trophy in Kiev, an English television asked Bale at the field level if he would return to the Premier in July: "I need to play every week and that has not happened. I have to sit down with my agent and see what I do (…). I am very disappointed not to have been a starter. I think he deserved it. "

Florentino Perez, who saw Bale's performance in Kiev as a reaffirmation of his transfer policy, was alarmed by the boy's pitiful tone. They have in their environment that it was the president who spoke with the soccer player to tell him to be patient, that he should continue in Madrid and that it would be important. The following Monday, according to one of his collaborators, the president said confidentially that he did not care that Cristiano wanted to leave because his ideal duo of attackers was the one that would make up Neymar and Bale. All you had to do was tell Zidane to make an effort and give the Welsh, 29, another chance.

One of the people who lived with Zidane in those days said that the coach was offended to learn that the club had changed strategy without informing him first. According to this source, when on Wednesday, June 30, he went to meet with Florentino Perez at the ACS headquarters to plan next season, his decision was already made: he would present the resignation.

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