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The day Mother Esperanza helped save the life of John Paul II

The day Mother Esperanza helped save the life of John Paul II

On April 2, the fourteenth anniversary of the death of John Paul II, whose pontificate has been one of the longest and most fruitful in the History of the Church. On the occasion of this anniversary I can not ignore an event as extraordinary, as unknown, in the biography of Karol Wojtyla related to Mother Esperanza, a Murcian sister who died in 1983 and beatified by the Pope Francisco on May 31, 2014.

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No one, in the cloistered silence of the cell of this nun considered the soulmate of Padre Pio and settled in Collevalenza (Italy), to which I have dedicated a book ("Mother Hope"), saw the two invisible bullets that pierced without mercy the guts of the innocent victim. But the truth is that it began to vomit blood in spurts, rolling pain in the belly, as if they had burst the intestines. The clock read two o'clock on the morning of May 13, 1981, the same day that the Turkish Ali Agca was preparing to kill John Paul II in the Plaza de San Pedro.

Soon after, Dr. Tommaso Baccarelli arrived in the residential area of ​​Collevalenza, after receiving the urgent notice of a sister of the Congregation of the Slaves of Merciful Love. Baccarelli took the elevator in the House of Pilgrim B to go up to the eighth floor and soon appeared in the doorway of the cell, marked with the number 134 on a plaque of methacrylate. He then looked horrified at the pale, exhausted face of Mother Esperanza lying on her cot.

Huddled in a chair, the doctor looked at the towels soaked in blood. Immediately a single word came to his head: transfusion. You had to hurry to prevent that woman from dying.

Baccarelli was an experienced cardiologist, born in Todi on January 23, 1929, who had occasionally met Mother Esperanza in 1951 and who since 1975 became his personal physician.

Bleeding ulcer

Sor Amada Perez was there and witnessed everything. The wounded body of Mother Esperanza, 87 years old, remained silent before her eyes flooded with tears. Sister Amada did not resign herself to shuddering once more at the terrible spasms that had just shaken, between rattles, the battered organism of that maternal old woman whom she loved so much. The witness gave her valuable statement on March 15, 1989 during the diocesan process of canonization of Mother Esperanza.

The access to the almost unexplored Positio served as a privileged arsenal of documents and testimonies to see first-hand the gigantic dimension of our protagonist, among which beloved Amada Perez, engraved with iron and fire in her memory: many years, "she declared," the Mother suffered from a stomach ulcer, often bleeding, especially after having taken some strong medicine or an antibiotic, or after having eaten some food difficult to digest. The ulcer bled when he had a particular suffering, as happened on May 13, 1981 ... About the bleeding on the occasion of the attack against John Paul II, I would like to point out that it was so abundant, that it soaked three or four whole towels. Although it was two in the morning [del 13 de mayo], we notified Dr. Baccarelli, who came immediately and was shocked to see so much blood and the Mother in such a state of prostration ». And Sr. Amada continues: «The doctor immediately manifested the urgent need for a transfusion. In the early morning there were already some sisters ready to donate blood. But when making the pertinent analyzes to the Mother to determine her blood group, before proceeding to the transfusion, the technicians of the laboratory verified that the red blood cells were completely normal and that therefore that operation was not necessary already. When we heard that same day of the attack against the Pope, we realized the reason for that terrible hemorrhage. "

The doctor who attended her found that the towels piled on the chair had molded, drop by drop, a little bit of blood on the pavement; The Mother's nightgown, the sheets and covers of the pillow and mattress were also impregnated with blood. "The illness and hemorrhages of Mother Esperanza ceased only when it was learned that the Holy Father was already out of danger," says the exorcist Giovanni Ferrotti, Son of Merciful Love.


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