The day I invited Georgie Dann to breakfast

Life, which has curious ways of giving you lessons, surprised me in the first place with a first-rate band, generous musicians and excellent companions (scant and clumsy my memory remembers maestro Tito Duarte on drums and each and every one of the faces , sounds, voices and laughter from the rest of those great professionals) with whom I had fun on stage, on the bus (there the bus) and in the tired coexistence of the tours. The other surprise was Georgie Dann himself, who turned out to be an educated and professional artist who understood, valued and allowed the creativity of his musicians, and who shared a hotel, table and conversation with the entire band. With the simplicity of a companion, he would invite you to his house, to his sofa, towards which Emily, his life companion and mother of his children and, then, also a companion of everyone in the band’s choir, would immediately approach with him. coffee and some pastries (still very fashionable at that time) with the ease of hospitable and affectionate friends. And when at home I listened to music, I listened to jazz, something that I would not have imagined a priori either (another surprise), even though France is one of the countries with the most jazz culture in Europe.

After this work, others emerged with some of the artists of the moment, Bertín Osborne, Caco Senante, Barbería del Sur… with whom for 20 years I was paying the expensive life of Madrid. And while, I continued to perform in those Madrid jazz venues that I cannot help but continue to miss and remember with affection and musical desire: Café Berlin, Café Central, Segundo Jazz, Café Populart … where I shared with great jazz musicians what I had studied ( and I continue) and it sounded in my head, and where I had the pleasure of meeting admired teachers such as Chano Domínguez or Paco de Lucía.

Perhaps because he was a professional musician or perhaps because he was a magnificent person, or surely for both reasons, Georgie Dann was the only one among those artists whom I accompanied at that stage of my life who absolutely always showed professional and personal respect to his team, among the one that I proudly say that I worked for two years of my life in Madrid, and of which I keep in my memory very beautiful memories of many concerts spread over so many kilometers of the Peninsula. No other singer or pop group that I worked with later showed me the same humanity, involvement and camaraderie, as well as great professionalism, even with something, excuse me if I repeat myself, so far from my musical purposes (although not much more than the rest ).

And in these days when I have sincerely felt their loss and remembered a thousand and one anecdotes, with which I would not dare to bore them, of those tours that, surprisingly (life again), were fun and in which, of course, I also learned, I smiled remembering a morning when I had the humble impulse to pay for breakfast (even considering the well-paid job, I couldn’t have allowed myself to invite all that band, chorus, dancers, technicians… to dinner). I smiled remembering his face of pleasant surprise (and Emily’s) asking me incredulously: “Are you going to pay?”, Used as he was, to unquestionably pay for all the necessities of the tour. I smiled and was glad I did.

Humanity generates humanity, generosity generates generosity and respect generates respect. My respects, Mr. Dann, a pleasure to have met you.


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