January 22, 2021

The Day Centers for Minors of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria resume their activity

Las Palmas de GC Juvenile Centers

The Day Centers for Minors of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council have resumed their usual activity on the occasion of the start of the new school year. This resource dependent on the Department of Social Services has three locations with the capacity to serve 80 boys, girls and teenagers between 6 and 17 years of the municipality and give support to families of the municipality in vulnerable situations with dependent children.

These day centers, which during the state of alarm adapted the service to offer it electronically, have opened their doors adopting all security measures under an exhaustive preventive protocol to guarantee the health and well-being of users and workers.

The Department of Social Services has allocated this year more 411,066.37 euros to this project with which it is sought to ensure education, food and the due comprehensive care of minors by supporting families who need specific help to protect and educate their children.

The Councilor for Social Services, Carmen Luz Vargas, has indicated that “it is essential that face-to-face care has been resumed to encourage minors to regain educational and emotional normality” and has pointed out that “the centers resume ordinary activity to offer in the better conditions this service, a preventive resource destined to avoid possible situations of risk or helplessness and to correct the deficiencies that hinder the normal development of the minors who are in this situation “.

The councilor thanked the effort and work carried out by the Childhood and Family teams of the municipal government and the professionals who work in these spaces so that at no time the accompaniment of the 80 minors was interrupted due to the health crisis , who have been provided with digital resources, tablets for families that needed them and a weekly grocery shopping.

In the three day centers, different services are provided to boys, girls and adolescents through socio-educational actions adapted to the needs of each user ”and points out that“ the specialists carry out school support work; personal development and promotion; risk reduction and socio-educational interventions and intervention in the family and with the environment, while offering a snack service and transport.

With regard to support for minors’ homes, the professionals at the centers offer training to family units to provide them with the knowledge that allows them to respond to the needs of their children.

The centers are managed by the Adsis Foundation, an entity with extensive experience in day care center projects for minors, it has 9 facilities in the facilities: a director (Bachelor of Psychology); three Educators (with degrees in Social Education, in Pedagogy and Diplomas in Teaching); a Leisure and Free Time monitor (with a Degree in Social Education); two educator assistants (Senior Technician in Social Integration and FP2); an clerk and a cleaner.

The Day Care Centers for minors represent a complementary service to the work carried out by the technicians of the teams specialized in family and minor care. The referrals, the follow-up and the intervention plan proposed for these minors is proposed by the municipal teams.


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