February 28, 2021

The daughter of a user of the closed residence saw years ago "much neglect"

The daughter of an old woman who, for about five years, remained for more than a year in the residence of Archbishop Morcillo, in Soto del Real, assured Efe on Thursday that they already appreciated that there was "a lot of neglect" and that it was scarce, especially, the cleaning of the elderly.

Cristina says that her mother was 97 when she entered the institution, after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, so having her at home was "unfeasible".

They decided to look for a place in the residence of Soto del Real, because the family had spent the summer there all their lives, and at first "everything seemed normal", but in a few weeks "things got worse", which was noticed in the health status of women.

In this sense, she explains that although her mother entered the center walking with some difficulty, "she was soon seated in a wheelchair, where she remained all day, without being moved, arguing that she was very clumsy".

On the other hand, Cristina points to a lack of hygiene that caused her to smell "very much" her breath, because her teeth were not washed; and, in general, he maintains that "they did not clean him properly".

He also remembers the stench of the entire center, a situation that was usually justified by the presence of older people with incontinence.

However, the woman claims that they did not want her mother to be in a place "where they did not trust that she was well looked after, and where she was like someone who has a piece of furniture standing on one side, so that it does not bother".

Cristina regrets that her mother was a little more than a year in that residence, and says to reproach herself "not having noticed the situation before".

With everything, finally they decided to change it of center and, when they received a place in another, "they did not take nor two minutes in removing it from the residence of Archbishop Morcillo".

In the new institution, she emphasizes, they saw "a total change", both in the care and in the improvement on the part of the elderly woman, who was encouraged to walk to encourage her to exercise.

He also mentions that the treatment of users "was much better, because they talked to him continuously, they did activities, and there were even plays."

Cristina concludes that "it is a pity that retirees are treated like this", and regrets that families do not always have the way to know how their elders are, while they trust that "they will be treated with affection and with respect".

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