The darts between Ayuso and García Egea in the PP war, in three minutes

"I could never imagine that the national leadership of my party would act in such a cruel and unfair way against me." With these words, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has lamented the war in the party for the contract awarded by region to a company related to the president's brotherjust like revealed last November. In an appearance without questions from Sol, the councilor has accused Casado's entourage of persecuting her in a "cruel way" for wanting to run for the regional PP.

Just over an hour later, the general secretary of the PP gave him a response from the party at the national level. "I could never imagine that he would attack the leadership of a party that has given him everything in such a cruel and unfair way," said Teodoro García Egea.

While Ayuso has lamented that it is the leadership of her party that is acting against her, García Egea has reproached that whenever no one believed in her and everyone attacked her, it has been Pablo Casado who has come to her defense. The general secretary of the PP has reported in his press conference that the national leadership of Pablo Casado has opened an information file on Isabel Díaz Ayuso "to complete the investigations" that have been carried out internally around the aforementioned contract.

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