The dart of Manel Fuentes to José Luis Moreno: “Putting his hand in”

José Luis Moreno and Manel Fuentes

José Luis Moreno and Manel Fuentes

Jose Luis Moreno was one of the protagonists of the last gala of ‘Your face is familiar to me’. The producer was named by surprise in the mouth of Manel Fuentes, who wanted to throw a small dart at him because of the controversies he has had in recent months.

Last May, Moreno’s arrest for several crimes of fraud and his release after paying a high bail was known, which caused his name to be mentioned in the Antena 3 program and a hint was taken from your presenter. The moment came after the performance of Los Morancos, who were characterized by the musical duo Antonio y Carmen y Fuentes released a small attack on them: “You are a bit scary.”

Eva Soriano used a sense of humor: “If you put your hand there they look like dolls”, express. The Catalan communicator took the opportunity to charge Alberto and Laura Caballero’s uncle: “This is how José Luis Moreno began, putting his hand in it. In the doll, eh “, he expressed before the laughter of the public, the contestants and the jury. Jorge Carnaval took the opportunity to refer to one of the ventriloquist’s dolls: “From here all my support for Monchito, who is having a terrible time. What has happened is very strong.”


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