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The Tamaraceite fairy tale in the Copa del Rey ended bitterly against Granada. Those of Chus Trujillo delayed the game, but did not finish creating clear scoring chances. Doors made the only goal of the game in the first part. David González had the tie in his boots but crashed the maximum penalty on the crossbar. Then, Vadillo also failed a penalty. The insulars pushed until the end, but the Andalusians took the tie by the minimum (0-1) and ended the dream of the Tamara in the Cup.

Juan Guedes presented a luxurious atmosphere for a historic match for the Tamaraceite neighborhood, which was measured for the first time in its history to a First Division team. The ticket offices, overflowing, did not sell tickets from the early afternoon. The hills near the capital field were the refuge for the hundreds of fans who ran out of tickets.

The Tamaraceite began the game trying to control the ball to score Granada, which had to adapt its game to the artificial turf as soon as possible to harm those of Chus Trujillo. The island technician came out with everything. Álvaro in the goal, Ayhtami, David García, Alberto and Ale Pérez in the defensive line; Juan Andrés and Zizu in the center of the field with David González ahead and Julio Báez and Samuel Casais in the bands and Eros pointed.

The first ten minutes passed without occasions. The first warning was given by the 10th of Granada, at the pass of Soldado after a long ball, but his shot went high when he was already on the area. The reply of the Támara did not wait. Zizu entered the opponent's area and tried to connect with Eros, but the Andalusian defense deflected a corner.

The minutes passed and the Tamaraceite played from you to you with Granada. Asis saw the first yellow after an entry to Juan Andrés. The franjiroja behind cut the danger with faults to avoid shocks in the first minutes. The Moco did not take off from the ball and the Tamaraceite enjoyed possession.

Báez had a clear past the quarter hour. The Támara midfielder fired centered after a triangulation of the Moco with Zizu. Then came the goal of Granada, the work of Doors, who took advantage of the spaces in the area to beat Ávaro by satin.

The set of chus Trujillo responded. Ale focused on Eros, who couldn't connect headlong. The insular ones were not wrinkled, that continued handling the ball and looking for spaces by the bands. David González went down to receive and orchestrated the attack of the Tamaraceite, which did not lower his arms.

The Tamaraceite continued to control the ball and roamed the Granada area with Zizu and David González as organizers. Still, control of the ball was not serving to create clear chances for Trujillo. Meanwhile, Granada awaited a quick robbery to surprise the island, correct in defense during the first part.

The danger of the Támara passed through the bands. Both Baez and Casais were looking for the backs of the sides, but their centers did not come to fruition. Ram Eros was still waiting for an opportunity to shoot Aaron's goal.

The striker himself received an Ale pass in the area and was knocked down by Doors inside the area after 40 minutes. Penati for the Tamaraceite. The Mucus missed the maximum penalty with a panenka shot that crashed into the crossbar.

Then, penalty for Granada. How life changes in 30 seconds. Vadillo threw strong and his shot ran into the stick. Éxatis in Juan Guedes, who shouted "yes you can, yes you can". The game rose in revolutions before the break. The game was stopped in excess for the fouls and the match went to rest 0-1.

After the resumption the game rose in intensity. Granada did not want to let the vent escape and pressed the ball out in the opponent's field. In one of those recoveries, Soldier remained alone before Alvaro after dodging two defenders for speed. When the goal was already smelled, more in boots of an experienced forward like Soldier, his satin shot crossed. Juan Guedes was breathing again.

The Granada had risen and the Tamaraceite endured. David García was imperial cutting several danger balls. The experience of the examarillo kept rope behind Trujillo, who suffered with the speed of Soldier, Vadillo and Doors.

After 60 minutes, Támara stepped forward. El Moco, Zizu and Juan Andrés began to combine in the opposite field to look for holes behind the defenses of Granada. Meanwhile, Alberto and David García cleared any ball that came to the field of the island team.

The stands asked for the entry of Romario and Trujillo paid attention. Casais left the field in 65 'by Romario, who stuck to the right wing to try to surprise. Támara 11 himself got into the area and his low shot almost tied the game, but Aaron managed to clear the ball in a corner. They pressed the locals, who needed the goal as soon as possible.

After 30 minutes, Romario's second warning arrived that headed a center of Julio Báez. His stub went away near the goal. And it is that the Tamaraceite dominated the encounter, with long possessions and balls behind the sides. Unfortunately the centers were not finding auctioneers.

Foulquier warned with a distant shot that he stopped without great problems Alvaro, who did not have much work during the second half. Trujillo's continued to squeeze while Granada sought to surprise against. The faults were the greatest ally of the Andalusians, since they stopped the game and propitiated an occasion to look for auctioneers in the insular area.

In 79, Héctor Choco entered through Eros to look for a revulsive near the rival area. The minutes ran and the goal did not come. The steps of the Juan Grande pushed with his breath, but the control of the Tármara did not materialize at times.

David González had one in the discount, but his shot was deflected to a corner by the defense. Bitter end for those of Chus Trujillo, who played from you to you against a First Division opponent. The boldness of Moco, which missed the maximum penalty, left without a prize the push of the capitals.


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