‘The dancer’ arrives at La 1 to face the premiere of the new stage of ‘The fair price’ on Telecinco

Rafael Amargo, Lola Indigo and Miguel Ángel Muñoz are the jury of & # 039; The Dancer & # 039 ;.

Rafael Amargo, Lola Indigo and Miguel Ángel Muñoz are the jury of ‘The Dancer’.

Chains TV They start a new week with a night full of premieres. At 10:05 p.m., ‘The Dancer’ begins the search for the best dancer in Spain in La 1 de TVE. Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Lola Indigo and Rafa Méndez will compete to have the best in their team in this space in which Ion Aramendi and Sandra Cervera will be the masters of ceremonies for the Spanish adaptation of this format in which about 100 dancers, from Between 8 and 60 years old, they have participated in a casting in which both professionals and amateurs have been able to demonstrate their passion for dance and dance.

On the other hand, ‘The right price‘He returns tonight (10:50 pm) to Spain by the hand of Telecinco. Carlos Sobera takes charge of the new stage of this mythical contest in which the contestants have to get as close as possible, without going overboard, at the price of one or more items to accumulate prizes and overcome stages to try to win the great final showcase.

The actress María Galiana visits this Monday (9:45 p.m.) the set of ‘The anthill’ to present ‘El abrazo’, the play that he represents until May 2 at the Teatro Bellas Artes in Madrid. Later, in the new installment of ‘Woman’ (10:45 pm), the police will go by surprise to the neighborhood of the series in search of Sarp.

For its part, ‘Charon’, the series starring Roberto Álamo and Miriam Giovanelli, returns to Cuatro this Monday (10:45 pm) with a new chapter. While Samuel tries to recover from the emotional blow suffered after the case of Tomás, this time, Marta proposes a new case to him. It is about Gloria, a retired woman accused of having stabbed Bosco, the man who worked in the maintenance of her building. Although everything points to his guilt, Gloria assures that Bosco made his life impossible and forced him to do it.

What’s more, ‘The man of the thousand faces’ It occupies tonight (9:25 pm) the prime time of laSexta tonight. Francisco Paesa (Eduard Fernández), a former secret agent of the Spanish government, responsible for the most important operation against ETA in history, is involved in an extortion case in the middle of the GAL crisis and has to flee the country. When he returns years later he is broke. In such circumstances, he receives a visit from Luis Roldán (Carlos Santos), former Director General of the Civil Guard, and his wife Nieves Fernández Puerto (Marta Etura), who offer him a million dollars if he helps them save 1,500 million dollars. pesetas taken from the public treasury. Paesa then sees the opportunity to take revenge on the Spanish government, carrying out a masterful operation with the collaboration of his inseparable friend Jesús Camoes (José Coronado).


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