Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

The dance of Kiko Rivera that excites Rakitic

Kiko Rivera, the son of Isabel Pantoja, has decided to be viral and has set up a challenge on Instagram through a dance. And as he is known, he has started it big by citing his friends like Sergio Ramos or Pablo Motos.

But the one who has answered is Rakitic, the Barcelona midfielder, who must have seen him and encouraged him. But he has not dared to repeat it. But maybe his daughter does, because after the Superbowl a video went viral in which the daughter of the midfielder was seen imitating the dance steps of the Colombian artist.

Rakitic is having better times in Barcelona after feeling uncomfortable with Ernesto Valverde. The former Barca coach made a strange decision earlier this season, which was not to have the Croatian. But the arrival of Setién has given him more minutes and has changed his mood.


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