Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

The Dakar moves to Saudi Arabia

Ya es oficial: el Dakar se muda a Arabia Saudí

The organization of Rally of the world's most famous engine, the Dakar, has made official what was already taken for granted. From the month of January of the year 2020, that is to say in its next edition, it will transfer all its circus to Saudi Arabia. This is an agreement that reaches the next five seasons and that, beyond the economic reasons for the move, which are evident, guarantees something that allows some reconciliation with the original format: it will be played entirely on the arena.

Founded in 1978 under the name of Paris-Dakar and full of adventure because it linked two countries (France and Senegal) and two continents (Europe and Africa), the original idea has been changing over time with the improvement of vehicles and the introduction of technological assistance to change even continent. In fact, since 2009 it had been disputed in different South American countries but economic reasons from different venues have caused this last leap.


It started in Africa and, after 10 years in South America, travels to Asia for the first time

The ASO, organizing firm, is guaranteed with this new and powerful ally, the Saudi government, a contract at the rate of about 13 million euros per year. The route will be prepared by the new sporting director of the event, David Castera.

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