May 16, 2021

The Czech president praises Rivilin's proposal of "a State with two nations"

The Czech president praises Rivilin's proposal of "a State with two nations"

Czech President Milos Zeman, on an official visit to Israel, said today that he liked the "provocative" idea of ​​his Israeli counterpart, Reuven Rivlin, of "a State with two nations", leaving aside the two-state solution, supported mostly by the international community for decades.

"All the great ideas are provocative," Zeman told Rivlin at a meeting in Jerusalem, the Times of Israel newspaper reported.

"I wonder what your arguments will be for this idea, because for many, many decades we are talking about two independent states, but, frankly, I do not see an independent state in Gaza, because I understand that Hamas is a terrorist organization and not a state," he added.

Zeman arrived in Israel yesterday on a three-day official visit at which he will open the so-called "Czech House" in Jerusalem, an office without diplomatic rank from which cultural and commercial activities will be carried out, but which his Government has described as " first step "to move the embassy to this city.

The Israeli president welcomed Zeman at his official residence, recalling the bilateral relations between the two countries.

"In the current situation, our friendship is more important than ever, and we welcome your support for an eventual transfer of the embassy of the Czech Republic to Jerusalem," the Israeli leader said.

Zeman is expected today to deliver a speech in the Israeli Parliament.


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